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Reference: Zerubbabel


The son of Shealtiel, and related to the house of David. He was the leader of one of the bands that returned from the Captivity (Ezr 2:2; Ne 7:7), and was at one time pechah or 'governor' of Judah (Hag 1:1 etc.). On the question of his Identity with Sheshbazzar, see Sheshbazzar. As the servant of the Lord, and as His specially chosen one, he is designated as one who is to be specially honoured in the 'day of the Lord,' for which reason he is called the 'signet' (Hag 2:23). Both Haggal and Zechariah point to Zerubbabel and the high priest Joshua as those who are to re-build the Temple (Hag 1:1-8; 2:9-18; Zec 4); this was done, though after consideraable delay owing to enemies of the Jews; it was only after a special appeal had been made to Darius that the work was proceeded with unimpeded (Ezr 6:1 ff.). From Zechariah's fourth 'night-vision' (Zec 3:1 ff., esp. Zec 3:8-10) we learn that Zerubbabel was looked upon as the coming Messiah; in this night-vision it is pointed out that Joshua and his fellows are a pledge and an earnest of the near approach of the Messiah

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