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The angel of the LORD answered him, "Why are you asking this about my name? It's "Wonderful.'"

And so, our God, we are giving you thanks, and we are praising your wonderful name!

You go before him with wonderful blessings, and put a crown of fine gold on his head.

We praise you, God! We praise you your presence draws near as we declare your wonderful deeds.

Your decrees are wonderful that's why I observe them.

I praise you, because you are fearful and wondrous! Your work is wonderful, and I am fully aware of it.

"Many women have done wonderful things," he says, "but you surpass all of them!"

The fragrance of your perfumed oil is wonderful. Your name is perfume poured out. Therefore the young women love you.

Amazement seized all the people, and they began to praise God. They were filled with fear and declared, "We have seen wonderful things today!"

Even as he was saying this, all of his opponents were blushing with shame. But the rest of the crowd was rejoicing at all the wonderful things he was doing.