Beginning Of Salvation

Most Relevant Verses

1 John 2:24

As for you, let what you were told at the first be always in your thoughts. If, then, what you were told at the first is always in your thoughts, you yourselves will maintain your union both with the Son and with the Father.

Luke 21:28

And, when these things begin to occur, look upwards and lift your heads, for your deliverance will be at hand."

Acts 1:22

From his baptism by John down to that day on which he was taken from us--some one must be found to join us as a witness of his resurrection."

1 Corinthians 14:36

What! did God's Message to the world originate with you? or did it find its way to none but you?

Luke 1:2

Just as they were reported to us by those who from the beginning were eye-witnesses, and afterwards became bearers of the Message.

Luke 1:3

And, therefore, I also, since I have investigated all these events with great care from their very beginning, have resolved to write a connected history of them for you,

Philippians 4:15

And you at Philippi know, as well as I, that in the early days of the Good News--at the time when I had just left Macedonia--no Church, with the one exception of yourselves, had anything to do with me as far as giving and receiving are concerned.

Colossians 1:6

Bearing fruit and growing, as it does, through all the world, just as it did among you, from the very day that you heard of God's loving-kindness, and understood what that loving-kindness really is.

Acts 11:15

I had but just begun to speak," continued Peter, "when the Holy Spirit fell on them, exactly as on us at the first;

1 John 2:7

Dear friends, it is no new command that I am writing to you, but an old command, which you have had from the first. That old command is the Message to which you listened.