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18 Bible Verses about Clouds, Natural Use

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 9:13

I've set my rainbow in the sky to symbolize the covenant between me and the earth.

1 Kings 18:44-45

But Elijah told him to go back seven times. On the seventh look, he said, "Look! There's a cloud, a small one, about the size of a man's hand. It's coming up out of the sea!" "Get up and find Ahab!" Elijah said. "Tell him, "Mount your chariot and ride down the mountain so the storm doesn't stop you.'" A little while later, the sky turned black with storm clouds and winds, and there was a heavy shower. So Ahab rode off to Jezreel.

Job 36:28

When the clouds pour down; they drop their rain on all of humanity.

Luke 12:54

Then Jesus told the crowds, "When you see a cloud coming in from the west, you immediately say, "There's going to be a storm,' and that's what happens.

Job 20:6

Though he grow as tall as the sky, or though his head touches the clouds,

Job 35:5

"Observe the heavens! Take a look around! Look! The clouds are higher than you, aren't they?

Isaiah 14:14

I'll ascend above the tops of the clouds; I'll make myself like the Most High.'

Jeremiah 51:9

We tried to heal Babylon, but she wouldn't be healed. Leave her, and let each of us go to his own country. For her judgment has reached to the heavens, and is lifted up to the sky.

Proverbs 3:20

By his knowledge the depths broke open, and the clouds drip with dew.

Proverbs 8:28

when he made the clouds from above, when the springs of the depths were established,

Judges 5:4

LORD, when you left Seir, when you marched out from the grain field of Edom, the earth quaked and the heavens poured out rain; indeed, the clouds poured out water.

Job 26:8

"He restricts the waters within clouds and the clouds don't burst open under them.

Job 37:16

Do you understand his wondrous work of balancing the clouds, the one whose knowledge is perfect,

Psalm 77:17

The clouds poured rain; the skies rumbled. Indeed, your lightning bolts flashed.

Ecclesiastes 11:3

If the clouds are full of rain, they will pour out on the earth; if a tree falls toward the south or the north, wherever it falls, there it will lay.

Ecclesiastes 12:2

Otherwise, when the sun, daylight, moon, or stars turn dark, or when clouds fail to return after the rain

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