Evil Devices

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 140:8

Lord, do not grant the desires of the wicked; do not let them achieve their goals. [Otherwise,] they will become proud. Selah

Jeremiah 18:12

But they will say: It's hopeless. We will continue to follow our plans, and each of us will continue to act according to the stubbornness of his evil heart."

Psalm 36:4

Even on his bed he makes malicious plans. He sets himself on a path that is not good and does not reject evil.

Proverbs 14:22

Don't those who plan evil go astray? But those who plan good find loyalty and faithfulness.

Proverbs 16:30

The one who narrows his eyes is planning deceptions; the one who compresses his lips brings about evil.

Proverbs 24:8

The one who plots evil will be called a schemer.

Isaiah 32:7

The scoundrel's weapons are destructive; he hatches plots to destroy the needy with lies, and by charging the poor during a judgment.

Ezekiel 11:2

The Lord said to me, "Son of man, these are the men who plan evil and give wicked advice in this city.

Micah 2:1

Woe to those who dream up wickedness and prepare evil [plans]on their beds! At morning light they accomplish it because the power is in their hands.

Esther 9:25

But when the matter was brought before the king, he commanded by letter that the evil plan Haman had devised against the Jews return on his own head and that he should be hanged with his sons on the gallows.

Job 5:12

He frustrates the schemes of the crafty so that they achieve no success.

Psalm 33:10

The Lord frustrates the counsel of the nations; He thwarts the plans of the peoples.

Proverbs 12:2

The good obtain favor from the Lord, but He condemns a man who schemes.

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