Pursuing People

Most Relevant Verses

Leviticus 26:7

You will pursue your enemies, and they will fall before you by the sword.

Isaiah 41:3

He pursues them, going on safely,
hardly touching the path with his feet.

Leviticus 26:8

Five of you will pursue 100, and 100 of you will pursue 10,000; your enemies will fall before you by the sword.

Joshua 23:10

One of you routed a thousand because the Lord your God was fighting for you, as He promised.

Deuteronomy 32:30

How could one man pursue a thousand,
or two put ten thousand to flight,
unless their Rock had sold them,
unless the Lord had given them up?

Isaiah 30:17

One thousand will flee at the threat of one,
at the threat of five you will flee,
until you alone remain
like a solitary pole on a mountaintop
or a banner on a hill.

Joshua 10:19

But as for the rest of you, don’t stay there. Pursue your enemies and attack them from behind. Don’t let them enter their cities, for the Lord your God has handed them over to you.”

Judges 8:4

Gideon and the 300 men came to the Jordan and crossed it. They were exhausted but still in pursuit.

Joshua 2:7

The men pursued them along the road to the fords of the Jordan, and as soon as they left to pursue them, the gate was shut.

2 Samuel 22:38

I pursue my enemies and destroy them;
I do not turn back until they are wiped out.

Psalm 18:37

I pursue my enemies and overtake them;
I do not turn back until they are wiped out.

Psalm 7:5

may an enemy pursue and overtake me;
may he trample me to the ground
and leave my honor in the dust.Selah

Isaiah 30:16

You say, “No!
We will escape on horses”—
therefore you will escape!—
and, “We will ride on fast horses”—
but those who pursue you will be faster.

Hosea 8:3

Israel has rejected what is good;
an enemy will pursue him.

Psalm 71:11

saying, “God has abandoned him;
chase him and catch him,
for there is no one to rescue him.”

Exodus 15:9

The enemy said:
“I will pursue, I will overtake,
I will divide the spoil.
My desire will be gratified at their expense.
I will draw my sword;
my hand will destroy them.”

Lamentations 4:19

?QofThose who chased us were swifter
than eagles in the sky;
they relentlessly pursued us over the mountains
and ambushed us in the wilderness.

Lamentations 1:3

?GimelJudah has gone into exile
following affliction and harsh slavery;
she lives among the nations
but finds no place to rest.
All her pursuers have overtaken her
in narrow places.

Lamentations 5:5

We are closely pursued;
we are tired, and no one offers us rest.

2 Samuel 2:26

Then Abner called out to Joab: “Must the sword devour forever? Don’t you realize this will only end in bitterness? How long before you tell the troops to stop pursuing their brothers?”

Ezekiel 35:6

therefore, as I live”—this is the declaration of the Lord God—“I will destine you for bloodshed, and it will pursue you. Since you did not hate bloodshed, it will pursue you.

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