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14 Bible Verses about God Is Gracious

Most Relevant Verses

2 Kings 13:23

Then was Yahweh gracious unto them, and had compassion upon them, and turned unto them, for the sake of his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, - and was not willing to destroy them, nor to cast them off from his presence, as yet.

Ezra 9:8

And, now, for a very little moment, hath come favour from Yahweh our God, in leaving to us a remnant to escape, and in giving to us a nail in his holy place, - that our God may enlighten our eyes, and give us a little reviving in our bondage.

Joel 2:13

And rend your heart, and not your garments, turn therefore, unto Yahweh your God, - for, gracious and full of compassion, is he, slow to anger, and abundant in loving- kindness, and will grieve over calamity.

Joel 1:6

For, a nation, hath come up over my land, bold, and without number, - his teeth, are the teeth of a lion, and, the fangs of a lioness, hath he!

Joel 2:7

Like heroes, shall they run, like men of war, shall they mount a wall, - and, every one - along his own road, shall they march along, and shall not change their paths;

Joel 2:16

Gather the people, hallow a convocation, collect the elders, gather the children, and the sucklings of the breasts, - let the bridegroom, come forth, from his chamber, and the bride from her bower:

Isaiah 30:18

And, therefore, will Yahweh wait, That he may grant you favour, And, therefore, will he lift himself up, That he may show you compassion, - For A God of justice, is, Yahweh, How happy all they who are waiting for him

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