God's Counsel

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 73:24

You will guide me with your wise advice, and later you will receive me with honor.

Psalm 119:24

I take joy in your decrees, for they are my counselors. Daleth

Jeremiah 32:19

You are great in regards to your purposes and mighty in regards to your works. Your eyes are open to everything that people do, and will reward each one according to their ways and just as their actions deserve.

Proverbs 8:14

Counsel belongs to me, along with sound judgment. I am understanding. Power belongs to me.

Psalm 107:11

because they had rebelled against the command of God, despising the advice of the Most High.

Isaiah 30:2

They set out to go down to Egypt, without asking my advice; taking refuge in Pharaoh's protection, and seeking shelter in Egypt's shadow.

Proverbs 1:30

they did not want my advice, and they rejected all my correction.

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