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Most Relevant Verses

Judges 13:23

But his wife said to him, If the Lord was purposing our death, he would not have taken our burned offering and our meal offering, or have given us such orders about the child.

Psalm 103:7

He gave knowledge of his way to Moses, and made his acts clear to the children of Israel.

Jeremiah 11:18

And the Lord gave me knowledge of it and I saw it: then you made clear to me their doings.

Ezekiel 39:7

And I will make clear my holy name among my people Israel; I will no longer let my holy name be made unclean: and the nations will be certain that I am the Lord, the Holy One in Israel.

Ezekiel 40:4

And the man said to me, Son of man, see with your eyes and give hearing with your ears, and take to heart everything I am going to let you see; for in order that I might let you see them, you have come here: and give an account of all you see to the children of Israel.

Zechariah 1:9

Then I said, O my lord, what are these? And the angel who was talking to me said to me, I will make clear to you what they are.

Titus 1:3

Who, in his time, made clear his word in the good news, of which, by the order of God our Saviour, I became a preacher;

Psalm 119:13

With my lips have I made clear all the decisions of your mouth.

John 5:20

For the Father has love for the Son and lets him see everything which he does: and he will let him see greater works than these so that you may be full of wonder.

John 8:26

I have much to say about you and against you: but he who sent me is true and what he has said to me I say to the world.

Acts 2:28

You have made me see the ways of life; I will be full of joy when I see your face.

Acts 15:18

Says the Lord, who has made these things clear from the earliest times.

Genesis 41:39

And Pharaoh said to Joseph, Seeing that God has made all this clear to you, there is no other man of such wisdom and good sense as you:

Nehemiah 9:14

And you gave them word of your holy Sabbath, and gave them orders and rules and a law, by the hand of Moses your servant:

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