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31 Bible Verses about Individuals Being Silent

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 24:21

And the man, wondering at her, remaineth silent, to know whether Jehovah hath made his way prosperous or not.

Genesis 34:5

And Jacob hath heard that he hath defiled Dinah his daughter, and his sons were with his cattle in the field, and Jacob kept silent till their coming.

1 Samuel 20:26

And Saul hath not spoken anything on that day, for he said, 'It is an accident; he is not clean -- surely not clean.'

Leviticus 10:3

And Moses saith unto Aaron, 'It is that which Jehovah hath spoken, saying, By those drawing near to Me I am sanctified, and in the face of all the people I am honoured;' and Aaron is silent.

Ruth 1:18

And she seeth that she is strengthening herself to go with her, and she ceaseth to speak unto her;

1 Samuel 10:27

and the sons of worthlessness have said, 'What! this one doth save us!' and they despise him, and have not brought to him a present; and he is as one deaf.

1 Samuel 14:39

for, Jehovah liveth, who is saving Israel: surely if it be in Jonathan my son, surely he doth certainly die;' and none is answering him out of all the people.

2 Samuel 13:20

and Absalom her brother saith unto her, 'Hath Amnon thy brother been with thee? and now, my sister, keep silent, he is thy brother; set not thy heart to this thing;' and Tamar dwelleth -- but desolate -- in the house of Absalom her brother.

2 Samuel 13:22

and Absalom hath not spoken with Amnon either evil or good, for Absalom is hating Amnon, because that he humbled Tamar his sister.

1 Kings 18:21

and Elijah cometh nigh unto all the people, and saith, 'Till when are ye leaping on the two branches? -- if Jehovah is God, go after Him; and if Baal, go after him;' and the people have not answered him a word.

2 Kings 18:36

And the people have kept silent, and have not answered him a word, for the command of the king is, saying, 'Do not answer him.'

Isaiah 36:21

And they keep silent, and have not answered him a word, for a command of the king is, saying, 'Do not answer him.'

Lamentations 2:10

Sit on the earth -- keep silent do the elders of the daughter of Zion, They have caused dust to go up on their head, They have girded on sackcloth, Put down to the earth their head have the virgins of Jerusalem.

Luke 14:4

and they were silent, and having taken hold of him, he healed him, and let him go;

Luke 20:26

and they were not able to take hold on his saying before the people, and having wondered at his answer, they were silent.

Mark 9:34

and they were silent, for with one another they did reason in the way who is greater;

Acts 15:12

And all the multitude did keep silence, and were hearkening to Barnabas and Paul, declaring as many signs and wonders as God did among the nations through them;

Acts 22:2

and they having heard that in the Hebrew dialect he was speaking to them, gave the more silence, and he saith, --

Job 29:9

Princes have kept in words, And a hand they place on their mouth.

Job 29:10

The voice of leaders hath been hidden, And their tongue to the palate hath cleaved.

Job 29:22

After my word they change not, And on them doth my speech drop,

Job 29:21

To me they have hearkened, Yea, they wait, and are silent for my counsel.

Psalm 38:13

And I, as deaf, hear not. And as a dumb one who openeth not his mouth.

Psalm 39:9

I have been dumb, I open not my mouth, Because Thou -- Thou hast done it.

Psalm 39:1

To the Overseer, to Jeduthun. -- A Psalm of David. I have said, 'I observe my ways, Against sinning with my tongue, I keep for my mouth a curb, while the wicked is before me.'

Psalm 39:2

I was dumb with silence, I kept silent from good, and my pain is excited.

Job 2:13

And they sit with him on the earth seven days and seven nights, and there is none speaking unto him a word when they have seen that the pain hath been very great.

Job 32:1

And these three men cease from answering Job, for he is righteous in his own eyes,

John 4:27

And upon this came his disciples, and were wondering that with a woman he was speaking, no one, however, said, 'What seekest thou?' or 'Why speakest thou with her?'

John 7:26

and, lo, he doth speak freely, and they say nothing to him; did the rulers at all know truly that this is truly the Christ?

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