Regretting Birth

Most Relevant Verses

Job 3:1

After this, Job began to speak and cursed the day he was born.

Job 3:3

May the day I was born perish,
and the night when they said,
“A boy is conceived.”

Job 3:11

Why was I not stillborn;
why didn’t I die as I came from the womb?

Jeremiah 20:14

May the day I was born
be cursed.
May the day my mother bore me
never be blessed.

Jeremiah 15:10

Woe is me, my mother,
that you gave birth to me,
a man who incites dispute and conflict
in all the land.
I did not lend or borrow,
yet everyone curses me.

Job 10:18

“Why did You bring me out of the womb?
I should have died and never been seen.

Jeremiah 20:18

Why did I come out of the womb
to see only struggle and sorrow,
to end my life in shame?

John 9:34

“You were born entirely in sin,” they replied, “and are you trying to teach us?” Then they threw him out.

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