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17 Bible Verses about Servants Of The Lord

Most Relevant Verses

Romans 6:22

But now, since you have been freed from [the practice of] sin and have become slaves to God, the benefits you receive are a holy life [here] and never ending life in the future.

Acts 2:18

Yes, and I will pour out my Holy Spirit on my male and female [spiritual] slaves in those days so that they will speak out in prophecies.

Acts 16:17

She followed Paul and us, shouting, "These men are servants of the Supreme God and they are proclaiming to you the way to be saved."

Romans 13:4

For they are servants of God for your good. But you should be afraid if you do what is evil, because they do not carry the sword [i.e., for executing criminals] for nothing. For they are servants of God who take revenge [on wrongdoing] by punishing the person who does evil.

Romans 13:6

This is the reason why you should pay taxes also. For the authorities are God's servants who continually tend to this matter [i.e., of collecting taxes].

Hebrews 1:7

But God said [this] about the angels [Psa. 104:4 LXX], "He [i.e., God] makes His angels to be [like] winds and His servants [like] flames of fire." [Note: The idea is probably that angels obediently serve God's purpose similar to the way wind and lightening do].

Luke 1:38

And Mary said, "Here I am, the Lord's slave-girl; let it happen to me according to what you say." Then the angel left her.

Luke 15:19

I do not deserve to be called your son [anymore]. Consider me as [just] one of your hired servants.'

Matthew 24:45

"Who then, is the trustworthy and sensible slave, to whom his master has assigned the management of his household to provide timely meals for its members?

Matthew 24:48

But if that slave, with evil intent, should think to himself, 'My master will not be back very soon,'

2 Corinthians 11:15

Therefore, it should not be surprising for Satan's ministers to disguise themselves as ministers of righteousness. Their [final] end will be what they deserve for such actions.

Hebrews 3:5

Now Moses was a faithful servant among all of [those belonging to] God's household [i.e., the Israelites], as [one who gave] testimony about the things which [were to be] spoken [by him],

Luke 1:54

(As He said to our forefathers), He has helped His servants, the Israelites, [showing] that He remembered to be merciful

1 Thessalonians 3:2

and so we [i.e., I] sent Timothy, our brother and God's fellow-worker in [the ministry of] the Gospel, to strengthen and encourage you in your faith,

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