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16 Bible Verses about Those Oppressed

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 49:26

And I have caused thine oppressors to eat their own flesh, And as new wine they drink their own blood, And known have all flesh that I, Jehovah, Thy saviour, and thy redeemer, Am the Mighty One of Jacob!'

Malachi 3:5

And I have drawn near to you for judgment, And I have been a witness, Making haste against sorcerers, And against adulterers, And against swearers to a falsehood, And against oppressors of the hire of an hireling, Of a widow, and of a fatherless one, And those turning aside a sojourner, And who fear Me not, said Jehovah of Hosts.

Psalm 107:39

And they are diminished, and bow down, By restraint, evil, and sorrow.

Psalm 56:1

To the Overseer. -- 'On the Dumb Dove far off.' -- A secret treasure of David, in the Philistines' taking hold of him in Gath. Favour me, O God, for man swallowed me up, All the day fighting he oppresseth me,

Psalm 42:9

I say to God my rock, 'Why hast Thou forgotten me? Why go I mourning in the oppression of an enemy?

Psalm 43:2

For thou art the God of my strength. Why hast Thou cast me off? Why mourning do I go up and down, In the oppression of an enemy?

Hosea 5:11

Oppressed is Ephraim, broken in judgment, When he pleased he went after the command.

Psalm 106:42

And their enemies oppress them, And they are humbled under their hand.

Psalm 129:1-3

A Song of the Ascents. Often they distressed me from my youth, Pray, let Israel say: Often they distressed me from my youth, Yet they have not prevailed over me. Over my back have ploughers ploughed, They have made long their furrows.

Jeremiah 50:33

Thus said Jehovah of Hosts: Oppressed are the sons of Israel, And the sons of Judah together, And all their captors have kept hold on them, They have refused to send them away.

Deuteronomy 28:33

The fruit of thy ground, and all thy labour, eat up doth a people whom thou hast not known; and thou hast been only oppressed and bruised all the days;

Genesis 15:13

and He saith to Abram, 'knowing -- know that thy seed is a sojourner in a land not theirs, and they have served them, and they have afflicted them four hundred years,

Acts 7:6

'And God spake thus, That his seed shall be sojourning in a strange land, and they shall cause it to serve, and shall do it evil four hundred years,

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