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46 Bible Verses about Injustice, Hated By God

Most Relevant Verses

Proverbs 6:16-19

These six hath Jehovah hated, Yea, seven are abominations to His soul. Eyes high -- tongues false -- And hands shedding innocent blood -- A heart devising thoughts of vanity -- Feet hasting to run to evil -- read more.
A false witness who doth breathe out lies -- And one sending forth contentions between brethren.

Psalm 43:1

Judge me, O God, And plead my cause against a nation not pious, From a man of deceit and perverseness Thou dost deliver me,

Psalm 35:1-8

By David. Strive, Jehovah, with my strivers, fight with my fighters, Take hold of shield and buckler, and rise for my help, And draw out spear and lance, To meet my pursuers. Say to my soul, 'Thy salvation I am.'read more.
They are ashamed and blush, those seeking my soul, Turned backward and confounded, Those devising my evil. They are as chaff before wind, And a messenger of Jehovah driving away. Their way is darkness and slipperiness, And a messenger of Jehovah their pursuer. For without cause they hid for me their netpit, Without cause they digged for my soul. Meet him doth desolation -- he knoweth not, And his net that he hid catcheth him, For desolation he falleth into it.

Psalm 69:22-28

Their table before them is for a snare, And for a recompence -- for a trap. Darkened are their eyes from seeing, And their loins continually shake Thou. Pour upon them Thine indignation, And the fierceness of Thine anger doth seize more.
Their tower is desolated, In their tents there is no dweller. For they have pursued him Thou hast smitten, And recount of the pain of Thy pierced ones. Give punishment for their iniquity, And they enter not into Thy righteousness. They are blotted out of the book of life, And with the righteous are not written.

Jeremiah 11:18-20

And, O Jehovah, cause me to know, and I know, Then Thou hast showed me their doings. And I am as a trained lamb brought to slaughter, And I have not known That against me they have devised devices: We destroy the tree with its food, and cut him off From the land of the living, And his name is not remembered again. And O Jehovah of Hosts, judging righteousness, Trying reins and heart, I do see Thy vengeance against them, For unto Thee I have revealed my cause.'

Jeremiah 18:19-23

Give attention, O Jehovah, unto me, And hearken to the voice of those contending with me. Is evil recompensed instead of good, That they have dug a pit for my soul? Remember my standing before Thee to speak good of them, To turn back Thy wrath from them. Therefore, give up their sons to famine, And cause them to run on the sides of the sword, And their wives are bereaved and widows, And their men are slain by death, Their young men smitten by sword in battle,read more.
A cry is heard from their houses, For Thou bringest against them suddenly a troop, For they dug a pit to capture me, And snares they have hidden for my feet. And Thou, O Jehovah, Thou hast known, All their counsel against me is for death, Thou dost not cover over their iniquity, Nor their sin from before Thee blottest out, And they are made to stumble before Thee, In the time of Thine anger work against them!

Nehemiah 4:4-5

Hear, O our God, for we have been despised; and turn back their reproach on their own head, and give them for a spoil in a land of captivity; and do not cover over their iniquity, and their sin from before Thee let not be blotted out, for they have provoked to anger -- over-against those building.

Psalm 94:1-7

God of vengeance -- Jehovah! God of vengeance, shine forth. Be lifted up, O Judge of the earth, Send back a recompence on the proud. Till when do the wicked, O Jehovah? Till when do the wicked exult?read more.
They utter -- they speak an old saw, All working iniquity do boast themselves. Thy people, O Jehovah, they bruise, And Thine inheritance they afflict. Widow and sojourner they slay, And fatherless ones they murder. And they say, 'Jehovah doth not see, And the God of Jacob doth not consider.'

Luke 18:1-8

And he spake also a simile to them, that it behoveth us always to pray, and not to faint, saying, 'A certain judge was in a certain city -- God he is not fearing, and man he is not regarding -- and a widow was in that city, and she was coming unto him, saying, Do me justice on my opponent,read more.
and he would not for a time, but after these things he said in himself, Even if God I do not fear, and man do not regard, yet because this widow doth give me trouble, I will do her justice, lest, perpetually coming, she may plague me.' And the Lord said, 'Hear ye what the unrighteous judge saith: and shall not God execute the justice to His choice ones, who are crying unto Him day and night -- bearing long in regard to them? I say to you, that He will execute the justice to them quickly; but the Son of Man having come, shall he find the faith upon the earth?'

Psalm 94:20-23

Is a throne of mischief joined with Thee? A framer of perverseness by statute? They decree against the soul of the righteous, And innocent blood declare wicked. And Jehovah is for a high place to me, And my God is for a rock -- my refuge,read more.
And turneth back on them their iniquity, And in their wickedness cutteth them off; Jehovah our God doth cut them off!

2 Thessalonians 1:6-7

since it is a righteous thing with God to give back to those troubling you -- trouble, and to you who are troubled -- rest with us in the revelation of the Lord Jesus from heaven, with messengers of his power,

Revelation 18:20

'Be glad over her, O heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets, because God did judge your judgment of her!'

Revelation 19:2

because true and righteous are His judgments, because He did judge the great whore who did corrupt the earth in her whoredom, and He did avenge the blood of His servants at her hand;'

Isaiah 10:1-3

Woe to those decreeing decrees of iniquity, And writers who have prescribed perverseness. To turn aside from judgment the poor, And to take violently away the judgment Of the afflicted of My people, That widows may be their prey, That the fatherless they may spoil. And what do ye at a day of inspection? And at desolation? -- from afar it cometh. Near whom do ye flee for help? And where do ye leave your honour?

Deuteronomy 16:19

Thou dost not turn aside judgment; thou dost not discern faces, nor take a bribe, for the bribe blindeth the eyes of the wise, and perverteth the words of the righteous.

Amos 1:3-4

And thus said Jehovah: For three transgressions of Damascus, And for four, I do not reverse it, Because of their threshing Gilead with sharp-pointed irons, And I have sent a fire against the house of Hazael, And it hath consumed the palaces of Ben-Hadad.

Micah 2:1-3

Woe to those devising iniquity, And working evil on their beds, In the light of the morning they do it, For their hand is -- to God. And they have desired fields, And they have taken violently, And houses, and they have taken away, And have oppressed a man and his house, Even a man and his inheritance. Therefore, thus said Jehovah: Lo, I am devising against this family evil, From which ye do not remove your necks, Nor walk loftily, for a time of evil it is.

1 Kings 21:19

and thou hast spoken unto him, saying, Thus said Jehovah, Hast thou murdered, and also possessed? and thou hast spoken unto him, saying, Thus said Jehovah, In the place where the dogs licked the blood of Naboth, do the dogs lick thy blood, even thine.'

Proverbs 19:5

A false witness is not acquitted, Whoso breatheth out lies is not delivered.

Proverbs 21:28

A false witness doth perish, And an attentive man for ever speaketh.

Amos 5:11-12

Therefore, because of your trampling on the poor, And the tribute of corn ye take from him, Houses of hewn work ye have built, And ye do not dwell in them, Desirable vineyards ye have planted, And ye do not drink their wine. For I have known -- many are your transgressions, And mighty your sins, Adversaries of the righteous, taking ransoms, And the needy in the gate ye turned aside.

Amos 8:4-7

Hear this, ye who are swallowing up the needy, To cause to cease the poor of the land, Saying, When doth the new moon pass, And we sell ground corn? And the sabbath, and we open out pure corn? To make little the ephah, And to make great the shekel, And to use perversely balances of deceit. To purchase with money the poor, And the needy for a pair of sandals, Yea, the refuse of the pure corn we more.
Sworn hath Jehovah by the excellency of Jacob: 'I forget not for ever any of their works.

Malachi 3:5

And I have drawn near to you for judgment, And I have been a witness, Making haste against sorcerers, And against adulterers, And against swearers to a falsehood, And against oppressors of the hire of an hireling, Of a widow, and of a fatherless one, And those turning aside a sojourner, And who fear Me not, said Jehovah of Hosts.

Luke 12:45-46

'And if that servant may say in his heart, My lord doth delay to come, and may begin to beat the men-servants and the maid-servants, to eat also, and to drink, and to be drunken; the lord of that servant will come in a day in which he doth not look for him, and in an hour that he doth not know, and will cut him off, and his portion with the unfaithful he will appoint.

1 Corinthians 6:6-8

but brother with brother doth go to be judged, and this before unbelievers! Already, indeed, then, there is altogether a fault among you, that ye have judgments with one another; wherefore do ye not rather suffer injustice? wherefore be ye not rather defrauded? but ye -- ye do injustice, and ye defraud, and these -- brethren!

1 Thessalonians 4:6

that no one go beyond and defraud in the matter his brother, because an avenger is the Lord of all these, as also we spake before to you and testified,

James 5:1-6

Go, now, ye rich! weep, howling over your miseries that are coming upon you; your riches have rotted, and your garments have become moth-eaten; your gold and silver have rotted, and the rust of them for a testimony shall be to you, and shall eat your flesh as fire. Ye made treasure in the last days!read more.
lo, the reward of the workmen, of those who in-gathered your fields, which hath been fraudulently kept back by you -- doth cry out, and the exclamations of those who did reap into the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth have entered; ye did live in luxury upon the earth, and were wanton; ye did nourish your hearts, as in a day of slaughter; ye did condemn -- ye did murder the righteous one, he doth not resist you.

Psalm 37:1-2

By David. Do not fret because of evil doers, Be not envious against doers of iniquity, For as grass speedily they are cut off, And as the greenness of the tender grass do fade.

Psalm 73:3-11

The peace of the wicked I see, That there are no bands at their death, And their might is firm. In the misery of mortals they are not, And with common men they are not more.
Therefore hath pride encircled them, Violence covereth them as a dress. Their eye hath come out from fat. The imaginations of the heart transgressed; They do corruptly, And they speak in the wickedness of oppression, From on high they speak. They have set in the heavens their mouth, And their tongue walketh in the earth. Therefore do His people return hither, And waters of fulness are wrung out to them. And they have said, 'How hath God known? And is there knowledge in the Most High?'

Isaiah 26:10-11

The wicked findeth favour, He hath not learned righteousness, In a land of straightforwardness he dealeth perversely, And seeth not the excellency of Jehovah. O Jehovah, high is Thy hand -- they see not, They see the zeal of the people, and are ashamed, Also, the fire -- Thine adversaries, consumeth them.

Habakkuk 1:12-13

Art not Thou of old, O Jehovah, my God, my Holy One? We do not die, O Jehovah, For judgment Thou hast appointed it, And, O Rock, for reproof Thou hast founded it. Purer of eyes than to behold evil, To look on perverseness Thou art not able, Why dost Thou behold the treacherous? Thou keepest silent when the wicked Doth swallow the more righteous than he,

Exodus 22:21-22

'And a sojourner thou dost not oppress, nor crush him, for sojourners ye have been in the land of Egypt. 'Any widow or orphan ye do not afflict;

Exodus 23:6-8

'Thou dost not turn aside the judgment of thy needy one in his strife; from a false matter thou dost keep far off, and an innocent and righteous man thou dost not slay; for I do not justify a wicked man. And a bribe thou dost not take; for the bribe bindeth the open -eyed, and perverteth the words of the righteous.

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