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23 Bible Verses about Those Who Wait For God

Most Relevant Verses

Isaiah 8:17

And I will wait for the LORD, who hid his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him.

Psalm 25:21

Tau Integrity and uprightness shall preserve me, for I have waited for thee.

Psalm 25:5

He Cause me to walk in thy truth and teach me: for thou art the God of my saving health; I have waited for thee all the day.

Psalm 130:6

My soul has waited for the Lord more than those that watch for the morning: I say, more than those that watch for the morning.

Psalm 52:9

I will praise thee for ever because thou hast done it, and I will wait on thy name, for it is good before thy merciful ones.

Psalm 62:1

Only in God does my soul rest; from him comes my saving health.

Isaiah 26:8

Yea, in the way of thy judgments, O LORD, we wait for thee; the desire of our soul is to thy name and to the remembrance of thee.

Isaiah 33:2

O LORD, have mercy on us; we wait for thee: thou wert the strength of thy people in the beginning, be also our saving health in the time of tribulation.

Isaiah 51:5

My righteousness is near; my saving health is gone forth, and my arms shall judge the people; the isles shall wait upon me; and on my arm shall they place their hope.

Psalm 69:3

I am weary of my crying; my throat is dried; my eyes fail while I wait for my God.

Genesis 49:18

I have waited for thy saving health, O LORD.

Psalm 119:81

CAPH. My soul faints with desire for thy salvation as I await thy word.

Mark 15:43

Joseph of Arimathaea, a noble senator, who also waited for the kingdom of God, came and went in boldly unto Pilate and asked for the body of Jesus.

Psalm 119:43

And take not at any time the word of truth out of my mouth; for I wait for thy judgment.

Psalm 119:74

Those that fear thee will be glad when they see me because I have waited on thy word.

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