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'Complaint' in the Bible

"If I say, 'My bed will comfort me, My couch will ease my complaint,'

"Though I say, 'I will forget my complaint, I will leave off my sad countenance and be cheerful,'

"As for me, is my complaint to man? And why should I not be impatient?

"Even today my complaint is rebellion; His hand is heavy despite my groaning.

"If I have despised the claim of my male or female slaves When they filed a complaint against me,

"Man is also chastened with pain on his bed, And with unceasing complaint in his bones;

Give heed to me and answer me; I am restless in my complaint and am surely distracted,

I pour out my complaint before Him; I declare my trouble before Him.

Why should any living mortal, or any man, Offer complaint in view of his sins?

"So then, if Demetrius and the craftsmen who are with him have a complaint against any man, the courts are in session and proconsuls are available; let them bring charges against one another.

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