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'Wreath' in the Bible

and he overlayeth it with pure gold within and without, and maketh for it a wreath of gold round about;

and overlayeth it with pure gold, and maketh for it a wreath of gold round about.

And he maketh for it a border of a handbreadth round about, and maketh a wreath of gold for its border round about;

and he overlayeth it with pure gold, its top and its sides round about, and its horns; and he maketh for it a wreath of gold round about;

and two rings of gold he hath made for it under its wreath, at its two corners, at its two sides, for places for staves to bear it with them.

Each cart had four bronze wheels with bronze axles. Underneath the four corners of the basin were cast supports, each next to a wreath.

And four hundred pomegranates on the two wreaths; two rows of pomegranates on each wreath, to cover the two pommels of the chapiters which were upon the pillars.

They will be a graceful wreath for your head and a chain for your neck.

She giveth to thy head a wreath of grace, A crown of beauty she doth give thee freely.

They twisted a wreath of thorny twigs and put it on His head, and they put a sceptre of cane in His right hand, and kneeling to Him they shouted in mockery, "Long live the King of the Jews!"

they arrayed Him in crimson, placed on His head a wreath of thorny twigs which they had twisted,

And the soldiers, twisting twigs of thorn into a wreath, put it on His head, and threw round Him a crimson cloak.

So Jesus came out, wearing the wreath of thorns and the crimson cloak. And Pilate said to them, "See, there is the man."

And I looked and a white horse appeared, and its rider carried a bow; and a victor's wreath was given to him; and he went out conquering and in order to conquer.

And a great marvel was seen in Heaven-- a woman who was robed with the sun and had the moon under her feet, and had also a wreath of stars round her head, was with child,

Then I looked, and a white cloud appeared, and sitting on the cloud was some One resembling the Son of Man, having a wreath of gold upon His head and in His hand a sharp sickle.

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עבתה עבות עבת 
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