1 And Solomon built his own house in thirteen years space and full finished it. 2 And he built the house of the wood of Lebanon, a hundred cubits long and fifty broad, and thirty high, four square with rows of Cedar pillars and Cedar beams along upon the pillars. 3 And the roof was Cedar above on high upon the beams that lay a high on the pillars, which pillars were forty and five in number, fifteen on a row, 4 and the spaces between the pillars were one against another three fold. 5 And all the doors with the side posts were four square one against another three fold. 6 And he made a porch of pillars fifty cubits long and thirty cubits broad: and yet a porch before that with pillars, and a thick pillar before that. 7 Then he made a porch to sit and judge in, sealed with Cedar throughout all the pavements. And his own house where he kept residence, in another court without that porch, was of the same work. 8 And then Solomon made a house for Pharaoh's daughter which he had taken to wife, like unto that porch.
9 And all these things were of rich stones hewed after a measure and sawed with saws within and without, even from the foundation unto that whereon the beams were laid, and on the outside thereto, toward the great court. 10 And the foundation was of rich stones and the mighty great stones of ten cubits and of eight. And above were rich stones hewed according to the same size, and also with Cedar. 11 And the great court round about was with three rows of hewed stone and one row of Cedar planks. 12 And likewise was it in the inner court of the house of the LORD and of the porch of the temple.
13 And king Solomon sent and fetched one Hiram out of Tyre, 14 a widow's son of the tribe of Naphtali, his father being of Tyre. Which Hiram was a craftsman in brass, and full of wisdom, understanding and cunning to work all manner of work in brass. And he came to king Solomon and wrought all his work.
15 He cast two pillars of brass of eighteen cubits apiece high, and a string of twelve cubits might compass either of them about. 16 And he made two head pieces of molten brass to set on the tops of the pillars, of five cubits long apiece, 17 with garlands of braided work and hoops of chain work for the head pieces that were on the pillars, seven for the one and seven for the other.
18 And he made the pillars, and for either of the head pieces a garland with two rows of pomegranates to cover them withal. 19 And the head pieces that were on the tops of the pillars were wrought with lilies in the porch the space of four cubits of them. 20 And the pomegranates above and beneath on the wreathen chains that compassed the middle of the head pieces were in number two hundred on either head piece. 21 And he set up the pillars in the porch of the temple, and when he had set up the right pillar, he called the name thereon Jachin, and when he had set up the left pillar, he called the name thereof Boaz. 22 And the tops of the pillars were thus wrought with lilies, and so was their workmanship finished.
23 Then he cast a sea of brass, ten cubits wide from brim to brim and round in compass, and five cubits high. And a string of thirty cubits might compass it about, 24 and under the brim of it as it were apples compassed and embraced the sea of ten cubits wide in two rows cast with it when it was cast. 25 And it stood on twelve oxen: of which three looked North, three West, three South, and three East, and the sea on high upon them, and all their hinder parts were inward. 26 And it was a hand breadth thick, and the brim wrought like the brim of a cup with flowers of lilies. And it contained two thousand baths.
27 And he made ten bottoms of brass, four cubits long and four cubits broad apiece, and three high. 28 And the works of the bottoms was on this manner that the sides were as it were flat boards between the ledges. 29 And on the flat boards between the ledges were lions, oxen and Cherubs. And upon the ledges that were above and beneath the lions and oxen, was joined pendant work. 30 And every bottom had four brazen wheels, whose axletrees were also of brass. And in the four corners were undersetters under the laver cast, each over against his fellow. 31 And the stalk of the laver was in the middle of the bottom one cubit high, and a cubit and a half round, and it had knops thereon in the bare places which were foursquare not round. 32 And under the sides were four wheels and their axletrees joined fast to the bottom. And the height of every wheel was a cubit and a half. 33 And the workmanship of the wheels was like the work of a chariot wheel. And the axletrees, the navels, spokes and shafts were all molten. 34 And the four undersetters in the four corners were of the very bottoms. 35 And under the stalk of the laver in the midst of the bottom was there a round foot of half a cubit high. And thereon, plain places and ledges of the self. 36 And he graved in the plain and also on the ledges, Cherubs, lions and palm trees, everywhere round about. 37 And on this manner he made the ten bottoms cast work: all of one measure and one size.
38 Then he made ten lavers of brass containing forty baths apiece, and they were of four cubits apiece, for every one of the bottoms a laver. 39 And he put five of those bottoms on the right corner of the temple, and other five on the left: And put the sea on the right corner of the temple Eastward and toward the South. 40 And Hiram made pots, shovels and basins, and so furnished all the work that he made king Solomon for the house of the LORD: 41 that is to say, two pillars and two scalps of the heads that were on the tops of the two pillars, 42 and four hundred pomegranates upon two wreaths, two rows on either wreath, to cover the two scalps of the heads that were on the tops of the two pillars. 43 And the ten bottoms of brass with ten lavers upon them; 44 and a sea with twelve oxen under it; 45 and pots, shovels and basins. And all these vessels which Hiram made to king Solomon for the house of the LORD were of bright brass. 46 And in the plain of Jordan did the king cast them: even in the clay of the earth between Succoth and Zarethan. 47 And Solomon left all the vessels unweighed, for the exceeding abundance of brass that was in them.
48 And Solomon made all the vessels that pertained unto the house of the LORD: the Altar of gold, and the table of gold whereon the shewbread was put. 49 And five candlesticks, for the right side, and as many for the left, before the quyre, of pure gold: with flowers, lamps, and snuffers of gold; 50 and bowls, Psalteries, basins, spoons and fire pans of pure gold; and hinges of gold both for the doors of the quyre, the place most holy, and for the doors of the temple also.
51 And so was ended all the work that king Solomon made for the house of the LORD. And then Solomon brought in the things which David his father had dedicated in silver, gold and other vessels, and put them to the treasure of the house of the LORD.