1 For the rest, brethren, be praying for us, - that, the word of the Lord, may be running, and gaining glory, according as it did even with you; 2 And that we may be rescued from the presuming and wicked men; for, not all, hold the faith. 3 Faithful, is the Lord, - who will confirm you, and guard you from the wicked one: 4 We are persuaded, however, in the Lord, as touching you, - that, what things we give in charge, Ye bothare doing and will do; - 5 But may, the Lord, guide your hearts into the love of God, and into the endurance of the Christ.
6 Howbeit, we charge you, brethren, - that, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, ye be withdrawing yourselves from every brother - who, in a disorderly way, doth walk, and not according to the instruction which ye received from us. 7 For, ye yourselves, know, how needful it is to be imitating us, in that we were not disorderly among you, 8 Nor, as a free-gift, did eat, bread, from anyone, but, with toil and hardship, night and day, working, - that we might not burden any of you; - 9 Not because we have not authority, but that, ourselves, as an ensample, we might hold forth unto you, - to the end ye might he imitating us. 10 For, even when we were with you, this, were we giving in charge unto you, - that, if any will not work, neither let him eat! 11 We hear, in fact, of some who are walking among you in a disorderly way, at nothing, working, yet too busily working! 12 Now, such as these, we charge and exhort in the Lord Jesus Christ, - that, with quietness, working, their own bread, they be eating. 13 But, ye, brethren, be not weary in well-doing; -
14 And, if anyone be not giving ear unto our word through means of this letter, on this one, set a mark - not to be mixing yourselves up with him, - that he may be reproved; 15 And, not as an enemy, be esteeming him, but be admonishing him, as a brother.
16 But may, the Lord of peace himself, give you peace, always, in every way. The Lord, be with you all. 17 The salutation of Paul - with my own hand, which is a sign in every letter: thus, I write. 18 The favour of our Lord Jesus Christ, be with you all.