1 But, a certain man, Ananias by name, with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession, 2 And kept back part of the price, his wife also being privy to it; and, bringing a certain part, at the feet of the Apostles, he laid it.
3 But Peter said - Ananias! wherefore did Satan fill thy heart, that thou shouldst deal falsely with the Holy Spirit, and keep back part of the price of the field? 4 While it remained, was it not, as thine own, it remained? and, when sold, was it not, in thine own authority, that it still continued? Why was it that thou didst contrive in thy heart this deed? Thou hast not dealt falsely with men but, with God. 5 And, as Ananias heard these words, he fell, and expired. And there came great fear upon all that heard; 6 But the young men, rising up, wrapped him about, and, bearing him forth, buried him.
7 And it came to pass, after about three hours interval, that his wife, not knowing what had happened, came in. 8 And Peter began to say unto her - Tell me! was it, for so much, ye gave up the field? And she said - Yea! for so much.
9 And, Peter, said unto her - Why was it agreed by you to put to the proof the Spirit of the Lord? Lo! the feet of them that have buried thy husband, are at the door, and they shall bear thee forth.
10 And she fell instantly at his feet, and expired. And the young men, coming in, found her dead; and, bearing her forth, they buried her with her husband. 11 And there came great fear upon the whole assembly, and upon all them that heard these things.
12 And, through the hands of the Apostles, were coming to pass many signs and wonders among the people; and they were all with one accord in the portico of Solomon; 13 Howbeit, of the rest, no one, durst join himself unto them, - nevertheless the people continued to magnify them; 14 And, the more, were being added, when they believed in the Lord, throngs both of men and women; - 15 So that, even into the broad-ways, were they bringing forth the sick, and laying them on small couches and beds, in order that, if Peter were coming along, even perchance his shadow, might overshadow some one of them. 16 Moreover even the throng of the cities all round Jerusalem was coming together, bearing sick folk, and such as were harassed by impure spirits, - who, indeed, were being cured, one and all.
17 But the High-priest, arising, and all who were with him, - being the sect of the Sadducees, - were filled with jealousy, 18 And thrust their hands upon the Apostles, and put them in a public ward. 19 But, a messenger of the Lord, by night, opened the doors of the prison; and, leading them out, said - 20 Be going your way, and, taking your stand, be speaking, in the temple, unto the people, all the declarations of this Life. 21 Now, when they heard this, they entered, under the dawn, into the temple, and began teaching. And the High-priest and they who were with him, arriving, called together the high-council, and all the senate of the sons of Israel; and sent off unto the prison, to have them brought. 22 And, the officers who came to the place, found them not in the prison; and, returning, brought tidings, 23 Saying - The prison, found we locked with all safety, and the keepers standing at the doors; but, when we had opened the prison, inside, found we, no one. 24 Now, when both the captain of the temple and the High-priests heard these words, they were utterly at a loss concerning them - what perhaps this might come to.
25 But some one, entering, brought tidings unto them - Lo! the men whom ye put in the prison, are in the temple, standing, and teaching the people! 26 Then, the captain with the officers, departing, brought them - not with violence, - for they were afraid of the people, lest they should be stoned; 27 But, leading them in, set them in the high- council. And the High-priest questioned them, 28 Saying - Strictly, did we charge you not to be teaching upon this name; and lo! ye have filled Jerusalem with your teaching, and are minded to bring down upon us, the blood of this man.
29 But Peter and the Apostles, answering, said - It is needful to be yielding obedience unto God rather than unto men: - 30 The God of our fathers, hath raised up Jesus, - whom, ye, got into your hands, suspending him upon a tree: - 31 Him, as Princely-leader and Saviour, hath God exalted unto his right hand, - to give repentance unto Israel, and remission of sins. 32 And, we, are witnesses of these things, - also the Holy Spirit, which God hath given unto them who are yielding obedience unto him.
33 And, they, when they heard this, were cut to the heart, and were making up their minds to slay them. 34 But a certain man, rising up in the high-council, by name Gamaliel, a law-teacher honoured by all the people, gave orders to put the men, outside, for a little, - 35 And said unto them - Men of Israel! be taking heed unto yourselves, what ye are about to inflict upon these men. 36 For, before these days, there rose up one Theudas, affirming, himself, to be somebody, - unto whom was inclined a number of men, about four hundred; who was slain, and, all as many as had been trusting in him, were disbanded, and came to nothing. 37 After him, rose up Judas the Galilaean, in the days of the enrolling, and drew a people into revolt after him; and, he, perished, and, all, as many as had trusted in him, were scattered. 38 Now, therefore, I say unto you - stand aloof from these men, and let them alone; because if, of men, be this project or this work, it will be overthrown, - 39 But, if it is, of God, ye will not be able to overthrow them: lest once, even fighters against God, ye be found. 40 And they were persuaded by him; and, calling unto them the Apostles, they, with beating, charged them not be speaking upon the name of Jesus; and let them go. 41 They, therefore, went rejoicing from the presence of the high-council; in that they had been accounted worthy, in behalf of The Name, to suffer dishonour. 42 And, every day in the temple, and at home, they ceased not to be teaching, and telling the good news as to the Anointed Jesus.