1 Thus sayeth the LORD God: the door of the innermore court toward the East shall be shut the six working days: but in the Sabbath and in the day of the new Moon, it shall be opened. 2 Then shall the prince come under the door porch, and stand still without by the door check. So the priests shall offer up his burnt and health offerings. And he shall worship at the door post, and go his way forth again: but the door shall no more be shut till the evening. 3 On the same manner shall the people of the land also do their worship before the LORD, without this door upon the Sabbaths and new Moons.
4 This is now the burnt offering, that the prince shall bring unto the LORD upon the Sabbath: six lambs without blemish, and a ram without blemish, 5 and an Ephah for a meat offering, with the ram. As for the lambs, he may give as many meat offerings to them, as he will, and a Hin of oil to an Ephah. 6 In the day of the new month, it shall be a young bullock without blemish, six lambs and a ram also without blemish. 7 With the bullock he shall give an Ephah, and with the ram an Ephah also for a meat offering; but to the lambs, what he may come by. And ever an Hin of oil to an Ephah. 8 When the prince cometh, he shall go under the door porch, and even there depart forth again.
9 But when the people of the land come before the LORD in the high solemn feast, as many as come in by the North door to do worship, shall go out again at the South door. And they that come in at the South door shall go forth again at the North door. There shall none go out at the door where he came in, but shall go forth right over on the other side, 10 and the prince shall go in and out among them. 11 Upon the solemn and high feast days, this shall be the meat offering: an Ephah to a bullock and an Ephah to a ram, and to the lambs: as many as he will, but ever a Hin of oil to an Ephah.
12 Now when the prince bringeth a burnt offering or a health offering with a free will unto the LORD, the East door shall be opened unto him, that he may do with his burnt and health offerings, as he doth upon the Sabbath, and when he goeth forth, the door shall be shut after him again.
13 He shall daily bring unto the LORD a lamb of a year old without blemish for a burnt offering: this shall he do every morning. 14 And for a meat offering he shall give the sixth part of an Ephah, and the third part of an Hin of oil to mingle with the cakes every morning. Yea this shall be a daily meat offering unto the LORD, for an everlasting ordinance. 15 And thus shall the lamb, the meat offering and oil be given every morning, for a daily burnt offering.
16 "Moreover, thus sayeth the LORD God: If the prince give a gift unto any of his sons, then shall it be his sons' heritage perpetual, that he may possess it. 17 But if he will give one of his servants some of his heritage, it shall be his to the free year, and then to return again unto the prince: for his heritage shall be his sons' only. 18 The prince also shall take none of the people's inheritance, nor put them from their possession: but to his own sons shall he give his possession, that my people be not scattered abroad, but that every man may have his own."
19 And he brought me through the entrance at the side of the door to the habitation of the Sanctuary, that belongeth to the priests and stood toward the north, and behold, there was a place upon the west side. 20 Then said he unto me, "This is the place, where the priests shall seethe the trespass and sin offerings, and bake the meat offerings: that they need not bear them in to the outward court, and so to unhallow the people." 21 So he brought me into the utmost court, round about all the four corners. Behold, in every corner of the forecourt, there was yet a little court. 22 Yea in all the four corners of the court, there was made a little court of forty cubits long, and thirty broad: these four little courts were of one like measure, 23 and there went a rig-wall round about them all four, under the which there were hearths made round about. 24 Then said he unto me, "This is the kitchen, where the ministers of the house shall seethe the slain offerings of the people."