1 Hear this ye priests, and attend, ye house of Israel, and give ear, ye house of the king; for the judgment is to you, because ye were a snare to the watch tower and a net stretched out upon Tabor. 2 And the rowers made deep the slaughter, and I a correction to them all. 3 I knew Ephraim and Israel were not hid from me: for now thou didst commit fornication, O Ephraim; Israel was deified. 4 They will not give their doings to turn back to their God, for the spirit of fornication is in the midst of them, and they knew not Jehovah. 5 And the pride of Israel was humbled in his face, and Israel and Ephraim shall be weak in their iniquity; Judah also being weak with them. 6 With their sheep and with their oxen they will go to seek Jehovah; and they shall not find; he withdrew himself from them. 7 Against Jehovah they acted faithlessly: for they begat strange sons: now shall the new moon consume them with their portions.
8 Strike the horn upon the hill, and the trumpet upon the height: make a loud noise at the house of vanity after thee, O Benjamin. 9 Ephraim shall be for desolation in the day of chastisement: in the tribes of Israel I made known the faithful thing. 10 The princes of Judah were as they removing the bound: upon them will I pour out my wrath as water. 11 Ephraim was oppressed, he was broken in judgment because he was willing to go after the command. 12 And I as a moth to Ephraim, and as rottenness to the house of Judah. 13 And Ephraim will see his disease and Judah his wound, and Ephraim will go to Assur, and he will send to king Jareb: and he will not be able to heal for you, and he will not remove from you the wound. 14 For I as the lion to Ephraim, and as the young lion to the house of Judah I, I will rend and go away; I will take away and none delivering. 15 I will go and turn back to my place, even till when they shall be guilty, and they sought my face: in straitness to them they will turn to me.