1 Now will I sing my beloved friend a song of his vineyard. My beloved friend hath a vineyard in a very fruitful plenteous ground. 2 This he hedged, this he walled round about, and planted it with goodly grapes. In the midst of it builded he a tower, and made a wine press therein. And afterward when he looked that it should bring him grapes, it brought forth thorns.
3 I show you now my cause, O ye Citizens of Jerusalem and whole Judah: Judge, I pray you, betwixt me and my vineyard. 4 What more could have been done for it, that I have not done? Wherefore than hath it given thorns, where I looked to have had grapes of it? 5 Well, now I shall tell you how I will do with my vineyard: I will take the hedge from it, that it may perish, and break down the wall, that it may be trodden under foot. 6 I will lay it waste, that it shall neither be twisted nor cut, but bear thorns and briers. I will also forbid the clouds, that they shall not rain upon it. 7 As for the vineyard of the LORD of Hosts, it is the house of Israel, and whole Judah his fair planting. Of these he looked for equity, but see there is wrong; for righteousness, lo, it is but misery.
8 Woe be unto you that join one house to another, and bring one land so nigh unto another, that the poor can get no more ground. Will ye dwell upon the earth alone?
9 The LORD of Hosts roundeth me thus in mine ear: Shall not many greater and more gorgeous houses be so waste, that no man shall dwell in them? 10 And ten acres of vines shall give but a quart, and thirty bushels of seed shall give but an ephah.
11 Woe unto them that rise up early to use themselves in drunkenness, and yet at night are more superfluous with wine. 12 In those companies are harps and lutes, tabrets and pipes, and wine. But they regard not the work of the LORD, and consider not the operation of his hands.
13 Therefore cometh my folk also in captivity, because they have no understanding. Their glory is famished with hunger, and their pride is marred for thirst. 14 Therefore gapeth hell, and openeth her mouth marvelous wide: that their pride, boasting, and wealth, with such as rejoice therein, may descend into it. 15 Thus shall man have a fall; he shall be brought low, and the high looks of the proud shall be laid down. 16 But the LORD of Hosts, that holy God: shall be exalted and untouched, when he shall declare his equity and righteousness after this manner. 17 Then shall the sheep eat their appointed fodder; and the rich mens' lands, that were laid waste, shall strangers devour.
18 Woe be unto vain persons, that draw wickedness unto them with cords of vanity; and sin, as it were with a cart rope. 19 Which used to speak on this manner: "Let him make haste now, and go forth with his work, that we may see it! Let that counsel of the holy one of Israel come, and draw nigh, that we may know it!" 20 Woe be unto them that call evil good, and good evil: which make darkness light, and light darkness, that make sour sweet, and sweet sour. 21 Woe be unto them that are wise in their own sight, and think themselves to have understanding. 22 Woe be unto them that are cunning men to sup out wine and expert to set up drunkenness. 23 These give sentence with the ungodly for rewards, but condemn the just cause of the righteous.
24 Therefore like as fire licketh up the straw, and as the flame consumeth the stubble: Even so - when their root is full - their blossom shall vanish away like dust or smoke. For they have cast away the law of the LORD of Hosts, and blaspheme the word of the holy maker of Israel. 25 Therefore is the wrath of the LORD kindled also against his people, and he shaketh his hand at them: yea he shall smite so, that the hills shall tremble. And their carcasses shall lie in the open streets, like mire. And in all this, the wrath of God shall not cease, but he shall stretch his hand wider.
26 And he shall give a token unto a strange people, and call unto them in a far country: and behold, they shall come hastily with speed. 27 There is not one faint or feeble among them, no not a sluggish nor slippery person. There shall not one of them put off the girdle from his loins, nor loose the latchet of his shoe. 28 Their arrows are sharp, and their bows bent. Their horses' hoofs are like flint, and their cart wheels like a stormy wind. 29 Their cry is as it were of a lion, and the roaring of them like lion's whelps. They shall roar, and haunch up the prey, and no man shall recover it or get it from them. 30 In that day they shall be so fierce upon them, as the sea. And if we look unto the land, behold, it shall be all darkness and sorrow. If we look to heaven: behold, it shall be dark with careful desperation.