1 Job answered, and said, 2 "My saying is yet this day in bitterness, and my hand heavy among my groanings. 3 O that I might see him and find him: O that I might come before his seat, 4 to plead my cause before him, and to fill my mouth with arguments: 5 That I might know, what answer he would give me: and that I might understand, what he would say unto me. 6 Will he plead against me with his great power and strength? No, but he will make me the stronger. 7 He that is just shall enter disputation with him, and my judge shall deliver me forever.
8 "For though I go before, I find him not; If I come behind, I can get no knowledge of him; 9 If I go on the left side to ponder his works, I can not attain unto them. Again, if I go on the rightside, he hideth himself, that I cannot see him. 10 But as for my way, he knoweth it: and tryeth me as the gold in the fire. 11 My foot doth keep his path; his highway have I holden, and will not go out of it. 12 I have not forsaken the commandment of his lips; but look, what he charged me with his mouth, that have I shut up in my heart.
13 "It is he, himself, alone. Who will turn him back? He doth as him listeth, and bringeth to pass what he will. 14 He rewardeth me into my bosom, and many other things more doth he, as he may by his power. 15 This is the cause, that I shrink at his presence, so that when I consider him I am afraid of him. 16 For insomuch as he is God, he maketh my heart soft: and seeing that he is Almighty, he putteth me in fear. 17 Thus can I not get out of darkness, the cloud hath so covered my face.