1 But, in very deed, hear, I pray thee, Job, my discourse, and, to all my words, give thou ear. 2 Lo! I pray thee, I have opened my mouth, My tongue, with my palate, hath spoken, 3 Mine utterances come straight from mine own heart, and, what I know, my lips have truly spoken; 4 The spirit of GOD, hath made me, and, the inspiration of the Almighty, giveth me life. 5 If thou art able to answer me, Set in order before me - take thy stand! 6 Lo! I am like thyself toward GOD, From clay, have I been nipped off, even I! 7 Lo! my terror, will not startle thee, nor, my hand, upon thee, be heavy.
8 But thou hast spoken in mine ears, and, the sound of words, I heard: - 9 Pure am, I, without transgression, - Clean am, I, and have no iniquity; 10 Lo! occasions of hostility, would he find against me, He counteth me an enemy to him; 11 He putteth - in the stocks - my feet, He watcheth all my paths.
12 Lo! in this, thou hast not been right - let me answer thee, For, GOD, is greater than, man. 13 Wherefore, against him, hast thou contended? For, with none of his reasons, will he respond. 14 For, in one way, GOD may speak, - and, in a second way, one may not heed it: - 15 In a dream, a vision of the night, when a deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed, 16 Then, uncovereth he the ear of men, and, on their correction, affixeth a seal; 17 To turn a son of earth from his deed, while yet, pride, from man he concealeth: 18 He keepeth back his said from the pit, and his life from passing away by a weapon. 19 Or he is chastised with pain, upon his bed, and, the strife of his bones, is unceasing! 20 So that his life maketh loathsome his food, and his soul, dainty meat; 21 His flesh wasteth away out of sight, and bared are the bones once unseen; 22 So doth his soul draw near to the pit, and his life to the inflicters of death: 23 If there hath been near him a messenger who could interpret - one of a thousand, to declare to the son of earth His uprightness, 24 Then hath he shewed him favour, and said, Set him free from going down to the pit, I have found a price of redemption! 25 His flesh hath been made fresher than a child's, he hath returned to the days of his youth; 26 He made supplication unto GOD, who hath accepted him, and he hath beheld his face with a shout of triumph, Thus hath he given back to man his righteousness. 27 He sang before men, and said, I sinned, and, uprightness, I perverted, yet he requited me not; 28 He hath ransomed my soul from passing away into the pit, - and, my life, in the light, shall have vision. 29 Lo! a these things, doth GOD work, two ways, three, with a man; 30 To bring back his soul from the pit, to enlighten with the light of the living. 31 Mark well, O Job, and hearken to me, Be silent, and, I, will speak: 32 If there is anything to say, reply to me, Speak, for I desire to justify thee; 33 If not, do, thou, hearken unto me, Be silent, that I may teach thee wisdom.