1 And Jehovah will speak to Moses, saing, 2 Speak to Aaron and to his sons, and they shall separate themselves from the holies of the sons of Israel, and they shall not profane my holy name which they consecrate to me: I Jehovah. 3 Say to them, For your generations every man who shall come near from all your seed to the holies which the sons of Israel: shall consecrate to Jehovah, and his uncleanness upon him, and that soul was cut off from before me: I Jehovah. 4 A man, a man from the seed of Aaron, and he leprous or flowing; he shall not eat of the holies till he shall be clean. And he touching upon any unclean soul, or a man which shall go forth from him the effusion of seed; 5 Or a man who shall touch upon any creeping thing which shall be unclean to him, or upon a man who shall be unclean to him for all his uncleanness; 6 The soul which shall touch upon it, and it shall be unclean till the evening, and he shall not eat from the holies, except he washed his flesh in water. 7 And the sun went down and he was clean; and afterwards he shall eat from the holies for it is his bread. 8 A carcass or torn of wild beast, he shall not eat to be defiled with it: I Jehovah. 9 And they watched my watches, and they bore not sin upon it, and they died when they profaned it: I Jehovah consecrating them.
10 And any stranger shall not eat the holy thing: a sojourner of the priest and a hireling shall not eat the holy thing. 11 And when the priest shall buy a soul, the purchase of his silver, he shall eat of it, and they born in his house; they shall eat from his bread. 12 And if the priest's daughter shall be for a man, a stranger, she shall not eat from the offering of the holies. 13 And when the daughter of the priest shall be a widow, or driven out, and no seed to her, and she turned back to her father's house as in her youth, she shall eat from her father's bread; and any stranger shall not eat of it. 14 And when a man shall eat the holy thing in error, and he shall add its fifth upon it, and give the holy thing to the priest. 15 And they shall not profane the holies of the sons of Israel which they shall lift up to Jehovah; 16 And for them to take up the sin of trespass in their eating the holies: for I Jehovah consecrating them.
17 And Jehovah will speak to Moses, saying 18 Speak to Aaron and to his sons, and to all the sons of Israel, and say to them, A man, a man from the house of Irsael and from the stranger in Israel, who shall bring near his offering, for all their vows, and for all their willing gifts which they will offer to Jehovah for a burnt-offering: 19 For your acceptance a blameless male among the cattle, among the sheep, and among the goats. 20 And every one which in it is a blemish ye shall not bring it: for it shall not be for acceptance for you.
21 And when a man shall bring a sacrifice of peace to Jehovah, to separate a vow or a willing gift in cattle or in sheep, it shall be blameless for acceptance: not any blemish shall be in it 22 Blind, or broken, or cut, or flowing, or scurvy, or scabby, they shall not bring these to Jehovah, and a sacrifice ye shall not give from them upon the altar to Jehovah. 23 And an ox, and a sheep stretched out, and contracted, thou shalt do it a voluntary gift; and for a vow it shall not be accepted. 24 And the bruised, and the smitten, and the torn, and the cut, ye shall not bring to Jehovah, and ye shall not do in your land. 25 And from the hand of the son of the stranger ye shall not bring near the bread of your God from all these, because their destruction is in them; a blemish in them; they shall not be accepted for you.
26 And Jehovah will speak to Moses, saying, 27 When a calf or lamb, or goat, shall be brought forth, it shall be seven days under its mother; and from the eighth day and beyond, it shall be accepted for an offering, a sacrifice to Jehovah. 28 And an ox or a sheep, it and its son, thou shalt not slaughter in one day. 29 And when ye shall sacrifice a sacrifice of praise to Jehovah, ye shall sacrifice for your acceptance. 30 In that day it shall be eaten; ye shall not leave from it till morning: I Jehovah.
31 And ye watched my commands and did them: I Jehovah. 32 And ye did not profane my holy name; I was consecrated in the midst of the sons of Israel: I Jehovah consecrating you. 33 Having brought you forth from the land of Egypt to be to you for God: I Jehovah.