1 Amongst which things, when the ten thousands of the multitude were gathered together, so that they were treading one upon another, he began to be saying, unto his disciples, first - Be keeping yourselves free from the leaven of the Pharisees, the which is, hypocrisy. 2 But, nothing, hath been, covered up, which shall not be uncovered, and hidden, which shall not be made known. 3 Because, as many things as, in the darkness, ye have said, in the light, shall be heard; and, what to the ear ye spake, in the chambers, shall be proclaimed on the housetops.
4 And I say unto you, my friends - Do not be put in fear of them who kill the body, and, after these things, have nothing more uncommon which they can do. 5 But I will suggest to you, whom ye should fear - Fear him who, after killing, hath authority to cast into gehenna, - Yea, I say unto you - Him, fear ye. 6 Are not, five sparrows, sold for two farthings? and, not one from among them, hath been forgotten before God. 7 But, even the hairs of your head, have all been numbered: Be not afraid: many sparrows, ye excel.
8 And I say unto you - Whosoever shall confess me before men, even the Son of Man, will confess him, before the messengers of God; 9 But, he who denied me before men, shall be denied before the messengers of God. 10 And, whosoever shall say a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but, unto him who, against the Holy Spirit, speaketh profanely, it shall not be forgiven. 11 But, whensoever they shall be bringing you in before the synagogues, and the rulers, and the authorities, do not be anxious how, or whatye shall answer, or what ye shall say; 12 For, the Holy Spirit, shall teach you, in that very hour, what ye ought to say.
13 And one from amongst the multitude said unto him - Teacher! bid my brother divide with me the inheritance.
14 But, he, said unto him - Man! who hath appointed me a judge or divider over you? 15 And he said unto them - Mind and be guarding yourselves from all covetousness; for not, in one's abundance, doth his life spring out of his possessions.
16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying - A certain rich man's estate, bare well. 17 And he began to deliberate within himself, saying - What shall I do? because I have not where I can gather my fruits. 18 And he said - This, will I do, - I will pull down my barns, and, greater ones, build, and gather, there, all my wheat and good things; 19 and will say to my soul - Soul! thou hast many good things lying by for many years: be taking thy rest, eat, drink,be making merry!
20 But God said unto him - Simple one! on this very night, they are asking, thy soul, from thee; The things, then, which thou hast prepared, whose shall they be?
21 So, is he that is laying up treasure for himself, and is not rich, towards God.
22 And he said unto his disciples - For this cause, I say unto you, - Be not anxious for the life, what ye shall eat, nor yet for yourbody, what ye shall put on; 23 For, the life, is more, than the food, and, the body, than, the clothing. 24 Consider well the ravens - That they sow nor, neither do they reap, which have neither chamber nor barn, - and, God, feedeth, them! By how much do, ye, excel, the birds? 25 And, who from among you, though anxious, can, unto his stature, add a cubit? 26 If then, not even the least thing, ye can do, why, concerning the rest, are ye anxious?
27 Consider well the lilies, how they grow: they toil not, neither do they spin, and yet I say unto you - Not even Solomon, in all his glory, was arrayed like one of these. 28 But, if God thus adorneth, the grass, which is, in a field, to-day, and, to-morrow, into an oven, is cast, how much rather you, O little-of-faith? 29 Ye, therefore, be not seeking what ye shall eat and what ye shall drink, and be not held in suspense; 30 For, after all these things, do, the nations of the world, seek, - but, your Father, knoweth that ye need these things.
31 Notwithstanding, be seeking his kingdom, - and, these things, shall be added unto you. 32 Be not afraid, the dear little flock! for your Father delighteth to give you, the kingdom. 33 Sell your possessions, and give alms, make for yourselves purses that wax not old, - treasure unfailing, in the heavens, where, thief, doth not draw near, and, moth, doth not spoil. 34 For, where your treasure is, there, will your heart he also.
35 Let your loins be girded, and your lamps burning, 36 And, ye yourselves, like unto men awaiting their own lord, once he may break up out of the marriage-feast, - that, when he cometh and knocketh, straightway, they may open unto him. 37 Happy those servants, whom the lord, when he cometh, shall find watching! Verily, I say unto you - he will gird himself, and make them recline, and, coming near, will minister unto them. 38 And, if, in the second, or if, in the third, watch, he come and find, thus, happy, are, they! 39 But, of this, be taking note - Had the householder known, in what hour the thief was coming, he would have watched, and not suffered his house, to be digged through. 40 Ye, therefore, be getting ready, because, in what hour ye are not thinking, The Son of an cometh!
41 But Peter said - Lord! unto us, this parable, speakest thou? or, even unto all?
42 And the Lord said - Who then is the faithful steward, the prudent one, whom the lord will appoint over his body of attendants, to be giving, in due season, the measured allowance of wheat? 43 Happy, that servant, whom the lord, when he cometh shall find doing, thus! 44 Of a truth, I say unto you - Over all his possessions, will he appoint him. 45 But, if that servant should say in his heart - My lord delayeth to come! and should begin to be striking the youths and the maidens, - to be eating also, and drinking, and making himself drunk, 46 The lord of that servant, will have come - on a day when he is not expecting, and in an hour when he is not taking note, - and will cut him asunder, and, his part, with the unfaithful, will appoint. 47 And, that servant, who had come to know the will of his lord, and neither prepared, nor wrought unto his will, shall be beaten with many stripes; 48 Whereas, he who had not come to know, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And, every one to whom was given much, much, shall be sought from him; and, he to whom they committed much, for more than common, will they ask him.
49 Fire, came I to cast upon the earth, - and what can I wish, if, already, it hath been, kindled? 50 But, an immersion, have I, to be immersed with, and how am I distressed, until it be ended! 51 Suppose ye, that, peace, I am come to give in the earth? Nay, I tell you, but rather division. 52 For there shall be, henceforth, five in one house, divided, - three against two, and two against three:
53 There shall be divided - Father against son, and son against father, mother against daughter, and daughter against the mother, - mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law.
54 And he went on to say, even unto the multitudes, - Whensoever ye see a cloud springing up from the west, straightway, ye are saying - A thunderstorm is coming! and it happeneth thus. 55 And, whensoever a south wind, blowing, ye say - A scorching heat, will there be! and it cometh to pass. 56 Hypocrites! the face of the earth and of the heaven, ye know how to scan; but, this season, how know ye not to scan;
57 Why, moreover, even from yourselves, judge ye not what is just? 58 For, as thou art going along with thine adversary unto a ruler, on the way, take pains to get a release from him; lest once he drag thee along unto the judge, and, the judge, deliver thee up to the punisher, - and, the punisher, cast thee into prison: 59 I tell thee - In nowise shalt thou come out from thence, until, even the last fraction, thou pay!