1 He separating himself will Seek according to desire; he will be irritated with every purpose.
2 The foolish one will not delight in understanding, but in, the disclosings of his heart
3 In the coming of the unjust also came contempt, and with dishonor, reproach.
4 Deep waters are the words of man's mouth, the fountain of wisdom a gushing stream.
5 To lift up the face of the unjust one is not good; to turn aside the just one in judgment.
6 The lips of the foolish one will come into contention, and his mouth will call for blows.
7 The mouth of the foolish is destruction to him, and his lips the snare of his soul.
8 The words of the tale-bearer as dainty morsels, and they will go down to the chambers of the belly.
9 Also he being slothful in his work, he the brother of the master of destruction.
10 The name of Jehovah a tower of strength: into it the just one shall run and be exalted.
11 The rich one's wealth his strong city, and as a wall lifted up in his imagination.
12 Before a breaking a man's heart will be lifted up, and before honor, humility.
13 He turning back the word before he shall hear it, is folly and shame to him.
14 The spirit of man will sustain his disease; and a dejected spirit who shall lift up?
15 The heart of him understanding will obtain knowledge and the ear of the wise will seek knowledge.
16 The gift of a man will enlarge to him, and shall conduct him before the great
17 The first one just in his cause; his neighbor will come and search him.
18 The lot will cause contentions to cease, and will separate between the strong,
19 A brother falling away, above a city of strength; and strifes as the bars of a fortress.
20 From the fruit of a man's mouth his belly shall be filled; and he shall be filled with the increase of his lips.
21 Death and life in the hand of the tongue: and they loving it shall eat its fruit
22 He finding a wife found good, and shall obtain acceptance from Jehovah.
23 The poor one will speak supplications; and the rich one will answer with vehemence.
24 A man of friends for making friendship: and there is love attaching more than a brother.