1 Wine is mocking, strong drink is noisy: and every one going astray by it will not be wise.
2 The terror of the king growling as the young lion: he overflowing against him sinned against his soul.
3 Honor to a man ceasing from strife: and every foolish one will be irritated.
4 The slothful one reproaching will not work: he shall ask in harvest, and nothing.
5 Deep waters are counsel in the heart of man; and a man of understanding will draw it out
6 The multitude of man will call each his mercy: and a man of faithfulness who shall find?
7 The just one going about in his integrity: his sons happy after him.
8 The king shall sit upon the throne of judgment scattering with his eyes all evil.
9 Who shall say, I cleansed my heart; I was pure from my sin?
10 A stone and stone, an ephah and ephah, an abomination of Jehovah, also they two.
11 Also a youth shall be known by his doings, if pure and straight his work.
12 The hearing ear and the seeing eye, Jehovah made, also them two.
13 Thou shalt not love sleep lest thou shalt be dispossessed: open wide thine eyes, being filled with bread.
14 Evil, evil, he buying will say: and departing to him, and then he will boast
15 There is gold and a multitude of pearls: and a precious vessel the lips of knowledge.
16 Take his garment that became surety for a stranger: and bind him by a pledge for strange women.
17 Bread of falsehood is sweet to a man; and afterward his mouth shall be filled with gravel
18 The purpose shall be prepared by counsel, and with guidance make war.
19 He revealing a secret going about tale-bearing: and thou shalt not intermingle with him embracing his lips.
20 He cursing his father and his mother, his lamp shall go out in the midst of darkness.
21 An inheritance greedily gotten in the beginning; and its latter state shall not be
22 Thou shalt not say, I will requite evil; wait for Jehovah, he will save to thee.
23 An abomination of Jehovah stone and stone; and the balance of deceit is not good.
24 From Jehovah man's steps; and how shall man understand his way?
25 The snare of man swallowing down the holy thing, after the vows for seeking.
26 A wise king scatters the unjust, and he will turn back a wheel over them.
27 The light of Jehovah is the breath of man, searching all the chambers of the belly.
28 Mercy and truth shall guard the king: and his throne he upheld in mercy.
29 The glory of young men their strength: and the ornament of old men gray hair.
30 The joining of a wound will cleanse against evil: and blows the chambers of the belly.