A Prayer for Protection

1 A Prayer for ProtectionA Davidic prayer.
Lord, hear a just cause;(A)
pay attention to my cry;
listen to my prayer—
from lips free of deceit.(B)
Let my vindication come from You,
for You see what is right.(C)
You have tested my heart;(D)
You have examined me at night.
You have tried me and found nothing evil;(E)
I have determined that my mouth will not sin.(a)
Concerning what people do:
by the word of Your lips(b)
I have avoided the ways of the violent.(F)
My steps are on Your paths;
my feet have not slipped.(G)
I call on You, God,
because You will answer me;(H)
listen closely to me; hear what I say.
Display the wonders of Your faithful love,(I)
Savior of all who seek refuge(J)
from those who rebel against Your right hand.(c)
Protect me as the pupil of Your eye;(K)
hide me in the shadow of Your wings(L)
from(d) the wicked who treat me violently,(e)
my deadly enemies who surround me.(M)
They have become hardened;(f)(N)
their mouths speak arrogantly.(O)
They advance against me;(g) now they surround me.(P)
They are determined(h)
to throw me to the ground.(Q)
They are(i) like a lion eager to tear,
like a young lion lurking in ambush.(R)
Rise up, Lord!
Confront him; bring him down.(S)
With Your sword, save me from the wicked.(T)
With Your hand, Lord, save me from men,
from men of the world
whose portion is in this life:
You fill their bellies with what You have in store;
their sons are satisfied,
and they leave their surplus to their children.(U)
But I will see Your face in righteousness;(V)
when I awake, I will be satisfied with Your presence.(j)(W)


a. Psalm 17:3: Or [evil]; my mouth will not sin
b. Psalm 17:4: God’s instruction
c. Psalm 17:7: Or love, You who save with Your right hand those seeking refuge from adversaries
d. Psalm 17:9: Lit from the presence of
e. Psalm 17:9: Or who plunder me
f. Psalm 17:10: Lit have closed up their fat
g. Psalm 17:11: Vg; one Hb ms, LXX read They cast me out; MT reads Our steps
h. Psalm 17:11: Lit They set their eyes
i. Psalm 17:12: Lit He is
j. Psalm 17:15: Lit form

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