1 Corinthians 4:14-21 - Paul's Concern For The Corinthian Believers

14 This I don't write to give you any confusion, but by way of remonstrance, to you who are my dear children. 15 for though you may have ten thousand christian preceptors, you cannot have many fathers; since it was I that first instructed you in the gospel of Christ Jesus: 16 and therefore I intreat you, to copy after me. 17 'tis for this end I have sent you Timothy, who is my dear disciple, and a faithful christian, who will inform you how I behave my self in every church where I teach the gospel of Christ. 18 Some make their boast as if I would not come to you. 19 but if the Lord pleases, I will visit you very soon; and then I shall try, not what these boasters can say, but what they can do: 20 for the gospel dispensation does not consist in talk, but in power. 21 Which would you chuse, that I should come to you arm'd with resentment? or, in a mild and benevolent temper?