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ACCEPTANCE denotes the being in favour with any one. In English Version the noun is found only in Isa 60:7, but 'accept' and 'acceptable' are used frequently both in OT and NT to express the acceptance of one man with another (Ge 32:20; Lu 4:24), but above all the acceptance of man with God. In OT the conditions of acceptance with God are sometimes ceremonial (Ex 28:38; Ps 20:3). But of themselves these are insufficient (Ge 4:5,7; Am 5:22; Jer 6:20; 14:10,12), and only moral uprightness (Pr 21:3; Job 42:8) and the sacrifices of a sincere heart (Ps 19:14; 119:108; cf. Ps 40:6 ff., Ps 51:15 ff.) are recognized as truly acceptable with God. In NT the grounds of the Divine acceptance are never ceremonial, but always spiritual (Ro 12:1; Php 4:18; 1Pe 2:5). Jesus Christ is the type of perfect acceptance (Mr 1:11; Heb 10:5 ff.). In Him as 'the Beloved,' and through Him as the Mediator, men secure their religious standing and fundamental acceptance with God (Eph 1:6). In serving Him (Ro 14:18), and following His example (1Pe 2:20-21), they become morally acceptable in the Father's sight.

J. C. Lambert.

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