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Spoils taken in war were to be shared equally by those who fought and those who guarded the camp, Nu 31:27-32. The Lord's portion was first deducted from the whole; and in after-times the king appropriated a large part to himself.

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captives or cattle or objects of value taken in war. In Canaan all that breathed were to be destroyed (De 20:16). The "pictures and images" of the Canaanites were to be destroyed also (Nu 33:52). The law of booty as to its division is laid down in Nu 31:26-47. David afterwards introduced a regulation that the baggage-guard should share the booty equally with the soldiers engaged in battle. He also devoted of the spoils of war for the temple (1Sa 30:24-26; 2Sa 8:11; 1Ch 26:27).

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Within Canaan no captives were to be made; all that breathed were to be destroyed (De 20:14,16); but outside, if resistance were offered, the women and children were to be made captives, the men slain. Pictures and images, as temptations to idolatry, were to be destroyed (Nu 33:52). In the ease of Amalek the very cattle Saul was commanded to destroy (1Sa 15:2-3). So also in the case of Arad (Nu 21:1-3) and Jericho, where everything was put under the cherem or curse and became the Lord's (Jos 6:19-21). Abraham devoted one tenth of the spoil of Sodom, rescued from Chedorlaomer, to Jehovah through Melchizedek the king-priest (Ge 14:19-24).

David "made a statute and an ordinance for Israel unto this day" that the part of the army which guarded the families and baggage should share equally in the spoil with the troops actually engaged. The occasion of its enactment was upon the capture of immense spoil from Amalek, a part of it recovered property of Ziklag (1Sa 30:25, etc.). He also sent presents of the spoil to those of the eiders of Judah who were his friends. Indeed by the law (Nu 31:26-47) booty was to be shared equally between the army engaged and Israel; only that of the former half only one 500th part was appropriated to the priests of God, of the latter one 50th to the Levites. The spoils dedicated by David and his chiefs to the temple were freewill offerings (2Sa 8:11; 1Ch 26:27).

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consisted of captives of both sexes, cattle, and whatever a captured city might contain, especially metallic treasures. Within the limits of Canaan no captives were to be made,

De 20:14,16

beyond these limits, in case of warlike resistance, all the women and children were to be made captives, and the men put to death. The law of booty is given in

Nu 31:26-47

As regarded the army, David added a regulation that the baggage guard should share equally with the troops engaged.

1Sa 30:24; 25

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BOOTY, spoils taken in war, Nu 31:27-32. According to the law of Moses, the booty was to be divided equally between those who were in the battle and those who were in the camp, whatever disparity there might be in the number of each party. The law farther required that, out of that part of the spoils which was assigned to the fighting men, the Lord's share should be separated; and for every five hundred men, oxen, asses, sheep, &c, they were to take one for the high priest, as being the Lord's first fruits. And out of the other moiety, belonging to the children of Israel, they were to give for every fifty men, oxen, asses, sheep, &c, one to the Levites.

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