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(1.) Heb 'attik (Eze 41:15-16), a terrace; a projection; ledge.

(2.) Heb rahit (Song 1:17), translated "rafters," marg. "galleries;" probably panel-work or fretted ceiling.

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1. AV in Song 7:6 reads 'The king is held in the galleries.' The Heb. is b

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1. attiq. The signification of this word is not now definitely known: some suppose it to signify a colonnade. 5'>Eze 41:15-16; 42:3,5.

2. rahat, 'to be collected or drawn together.' It is translated 'gutters ' in Ge 30:38,41, and 'troughs' in Ex 2:16, in which water was collected for the cattle. Cant. 7:5 is better translated "The king is held by the tresses" of the 'hair' mentioned in the line before.

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an architectural term describing the porticos or verandas which are not uncommon in eastern houses. It is doubtful, however, whether the Hebrew words so translated have any reference to such an object. (According to the latest researches, the colonnade or else wainscoting is meant.

Song 1:17; Eze 41:15


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