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Reference: Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit


The third Person in the Trinity, as seen in the formula of baptism. Mt 28:19. The Spirit moved upon the face of the waters at the creation, Ge 1:2; and He came upon certain persons in the O.T. to fulfil the purposes of God. David asked that the Holy Spirit might not be taken from him, Ps 51:11; which stands in contrast to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in Christians, for He abides with them. It is by the operation of the Spirit that they are born anew, and He is the seal of their faith in Christ, and the earnest of their inheritance above. Joh 3:5; Eph 1:13-14. He is their COMFORTER or Advocate (??????????, one who manages their affairs) on earth, as Christ is the same in heaven. Joh 14:16,26.

Though the Holy Spirit influenced and came upon the O.T. saints, He did not come personally until Christ had ascended. Joh 16:7. Many passages prove His personality

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