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50 Bible Verses about Living For God

Most Relevant Verses

Romans 14:8

For both, if we live, unto the Lord, we live, and, if we die, unto the Lord, we die; whether therefore we live, the Lord's, we are; or whether we die, the Lord's, we are;

Jeremiah 10:10

But, Yahweh, is God in truth, He, is a God that, liveth, And a King of times age-abiding, - At his anger, quaketh the earth, And nations cannot endure his wrath.

2 Corinthians 3:3

Manifesting yourselves that ye are a letter of Christ, ministered by us, - inscribed - not with ink, but with the Spirit of a Living God, not in tablets of stone, but in tablets which are hearts of flesh.

Luke 20:38

Now, God, he is not, of the dead, but, of the living, - for, all, unto him, do live.

Romans 9:26

And it shall be - in the place where it was said to them- not my people are, ye! there, shall they be called - Sons of a Living God.

Matthew 22:32

I, am the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob? - He is not God, of the dead, but, of the living.

1 Timothy 3:15

But, if I should tarry, that thou mayest know - how it behoveth, in a house of God, to behave oneself, - the which, is an assembly a of a Living God, a pillar and basement of the truth; -

Psalm 42:2

My soul thirsteth for God, for a GOD who liveth, - When shall I enter in, and see the face of God?

Hosea 1:10

Yet shall the number of the sons of Israel become like the sand of the sea, which can neither he measured, nor numbered, - and it shall come to pass, in the place where it used to be said to them, No people of mine, are ye, it shall be said to them, Sons of a Living God!

1 Corinthians 9:14

Thus, also, hath the Lord, appointed - that, they who the glad message tell, should, of the glad-message, live.

Psalm 116:9

I will walk to and fro before Yahweh, in the lands of life.

Psalm 84:2

My soul, longeth - yea even languisheth - for the courts of Yahweh, - My heart and my flesh, shout aloud for a Living GOD.

Revelation 11:11

And, after thethree days and a half, a spirit of life from God, entered within them, and they stood upon their feet; and, great fear, fell upon them who were beholding them.

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