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A Chaldee word signifying riches. Our Savior says we cannot serve God and Mammon, Mt 6:24. Wealth is as truly an idol to those who set their hearts on it, as Jupiter or Diana; and no idolater can enter heaven. He also charges us, from the example of the unjust steward, so to use worldly goods, which are generally sought and used sinfully - "the unrighteous mammon" - as to have God the Judge our friend, and receive the true riches in heaven, Lu 16:9,11.

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a Chaldee or Syriac word meaning "wealth" or "riches" (Lu 16:9-11); also, by personification, the god of riches (Mt 6:24; Lu 16:9-11).

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This is a Semitic word, but of doubtful derivation. It has been referred to Heb. aman, 'a reliable (store),' and to taman (t being elided), 'hidden treasure.' Augustine (Serm. on Mount) says it was the name for 'riches' among the Hebrews, and that the Ph

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An Aramaic word signifying 'riches.' It is personified as a 'master' in Mt 6:24; Lu 16:13; "Ye cannot serve God and mammon." In Lu 16:9, it is called 'unrighteous mammon' (as appertaining to this world in which the rights of God to all have been refused) in opposition to true riches, which appertain to the world to come.

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