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In the Bible means, not to hinder, but to proceed, Ps 59:10; 1Th 4:15; to anticipate, Ps 119:147-148; Mt 17:25; or to seize, 2Sa 22:6; Job 30:27.

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To 'prevent' in the Eng. of AV is to 'be before,' 'anticipate,' 'forestall,' as Ps 119:147 'I prevented the dawning of the morning and cried' (Amer. Revision has 'anticipated' here, but the Eng. Revisers retain 'prevented'). Sometimes it is to forestall for one's good, as Ps 59:10 'The God of my mercy shall prevent me'; and sometimes for one's hurt, as Ps 18:5 'The snares of death prevented me'; but the mod. idea of merely 'hindering' never occurs in AV.

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To go before,' anticipate (from the Latin praevenio) 'to come before.' 18/5/type/leb'>Ps 18:5,18; 21:3; 59:10; Mt 17:25; 1Th 4:15, etc.

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