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There are sixteen different Hebrew words so translated. The principal are

1. nasi, 'one raised up'; this is translated also 'ruler, governor, captain, and chief.' It is applied to 'the princes of the congregation': these would be the heads of families in the various tribes. Jos 9:15-21.

2. sar, 'to bear rule,' hence applied to the head men in the tribes, 'chief of the fathers'; and to the satraps in the Persian empire. Es 1:3-21. In Daniel these same are called achashdarpenayya, 'chief governors.' Da 3:2-3,27; 6:1-7. Princess is sarah. 1 Kings 11: 3; La 1:1. The word sar is also employed for the Prince of peace in Isa 9:6, and for Michael the archangel, and for the prince of Persia who opposed him, and for the prince of Grecia. Da 10:13-21.

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Prince, Princess.

The only special uses of the word "prince" are --

1. "Princes of provinces"

1Ki 20:14

who were probably local governors or magistrates.

2. The "princes" mentioned in

Da 6:1

(see Esth 1:1 ) wore the predecessors of the satraps of Darius Hystaspes. The word princess is seldom used in the Bible, but the persons to which it alludes-- "daughters of kings" are frequently mentioned.

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