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Theasaurus: Cool

19 Bible Verses about Cool

Most Relevant Verses

Galatians 5:22-23

The Spirit, on the other hand, brings a harvest of love, joy, peace; patience towards others, kindness, benevolence; good faith, meekness, self-restraint.

Acts 2:42-47

and they were constant in listening to the teaching of the Apostles and in their attendance at the Communion, that is, the Breaking of the Bread, and at prayer. Fear came upon every one, and many marvels and signs were done by the Apostles. And all the believers kept together, and had everything in more.
They sold their lands and other property, and distributed the proceeds among all, according to every one's necessities. And, day by day, attending constantly in the Temple with one accord, and breaking bread in private houses, they took their meals with great happiness and single-heartedness, praising God and being regarded with favour by all the people. Also, day by day, the Lord added to their number those whom He was saving.

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