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Theasaurus: Excavation

21 Bible Verses about Excavation

Most Relevant Verses

Genesis 21:30

And he said, Take these seven lambs from me as a witness that I have made this water-hole.

Genesis 26:15

Now all the water-holes, which his father's servants had made in the days of Abraham, had been stopped up with earth by the Philistines.

Numbers 21:18

The fountain made by the chiefs, made deep by the great ones of the people, with the law-givers' rod, and with their sticks. Then from the waste land they went on to Mattanah:

Genesis 26:19

Now Isaac's servants made holes in the valley, and came to a spring of flowing water.

Genesis 26:21

Then they made another water-hole, and there was a fight about that, so he gave it the name of Sitnah.

Genesis 26:22

Then he went away from there, and made another water-hole, about which there was no fighting: so he gave it the name of Rehoboth, for he said, Now the Lord has made room for us, and we will have fruit in this land.

Genesis 26:25

Then he made an altar there, and gave worship to the name of the Lord, and he put up his tents there, and there his servants made a water-hole.

Exodus 7:24

And all the Egyptians made holes round about the Nile to get drinking-water, for they were not able to make use of the Nile water.

Isaiah 5:2

And after working the earth of it with a spade, he took away its stones, and put in it a very special vine; and he put up a watchtower in the middle of it, hollowing out in the rock a place for the grape-crushing; and he was hoping that it would give the best grapes, but it gave common grapes.

Ezekiel 8:8

And he said to me, Son of man, make a hole in the wall: and after making a hole in the wall I saw a door.

Isaiah 51:1

Give ear to me, you who are searching for righteousness, who are looking for the Lord: see the rock from which you were cut out, and the hole out of which you were taken.

Job 3:21

To those whose desire is for death, but it comes not; who are searching for it more than for secret wealth;

Amos 9:2

Even if they go deep into the underworld, my hand will take them up from there; if they go up to heaven, I will get them down:

Matthew 21:33

Give ear to another story. A master of a house made a vine garden, and put a wall round it, and made a place for crushing out the wine, and made a tower, and let it out to field-workers, and went into another country.

Matthew 25:18

But he who was given the one went away and put it in a hole in the earth, and kept his lord's money in a secret place.

Mark 15:46

And he got a linen cloth and, taking him down, put the linen cloth round him, and put him in a place for the dead which had been cut out of a rock; and a stone was rolled against the door.

Luke 13:8

And he said, Lord, let it be for this year, and I will have the earth turned up round it, and put animal waste on it, to make it fertile:

Luke 16:3

And the servant said to himself, What am I to do now that my lord takes away my position? I have not enough strength for working in the fields, and I would be shamed if I made requests for money from people in the streets.

Job 28:1

Truly there is a mine for silver, and a place where gold is washed out.

Job 28:3-11

Man puts an end to the dark, searching out to the farthest limit the stones of the deep places of the dark. He makes a deep mine far away from those living in the light of day; when they go about on the earth, they have no knowledge of those who are under them, who are hanging far from men, twisting from side to side on a cord. As for the earth, bread comes out of it; but under its face it is turned up as if by more.
Its stones are the place of sapphires, and it has dust of gold. No bird has knowledge of it, and the hawk's eye has never seen it. The great beasts have not gone over it, and the cruel lion has not taken that way. Man puts out his hand on the hard rock, overturning mountains by the roots. He makes deep ways, cut through the rock, and his eye sees everything of value. He keeps back the streams from flowing, and makes the secret things come out into the light.

Job 28:10

He makes deep ways, cut through the rock, and his eye sees everything of value.

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