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34 Bible Verses about Gentiles, In Ot

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Exodus 12:48-49

And when there may sojourn with thee a sojourner who may wish to keep a passover to Yahweh, there must be circumcised to him every male and then, may he draw near to keep it, so shall he be as a native of the land, - but no uncircumcised male, shall eat thereof. One law, shall there be for the native, and for the sojourner that sojourneth in your midst.

Numbers 9:14

When moreover there may sojourn with you a sojourner, who would keep a passover unto Yahweh, according to the statute of the passover, and according to the regulation thereof, so, must he keep it , - one statute, shall there be for you, both for the sojourner and for the native of the land.

Numbers 15:13-16

Every one born in the land, thus and thus, shall offer these things, - when bringing near an altar-flame of a satisfying odour unto Yahweh. And when there shall sojourn with you a sojourner, or one who is in your midst to your generations, and he would offer an altar-flame of a satisfying odour unto Yahweh, as ye offer, so, shall he offer, In the convocation, one statute, shall there be for you and for the sojourner who sojourneth, - an age-abiding statute unto your generations, as ye are, so, the sojourner, shall be before Yahweh:read more.
one law and one regulation, shall there be for yourselves and for the sojourner that sojourneth with you.

1 Kings 8:41-43

Moreover also, unto the stranger, who is, not of thy people Israel, - but hath come in out of a far country, for the sake of thy Name, - (for they will certainly hear of thy great Name, and of thy strong hand, and of thy stretched-out arm, - and so will come in and pray towards this house), wilt, thou thyself, hear in the heavens, the settled place of thine abode, and act, according to all for which, the stranger, shall cry unto thee, - to the end that all the peoples of the earth may truly know thy Name, so as to revere thee, like thy people Israel, and to know that, thine own Name, hath been given unto this house, which I have built?

Isaiah 56:6-8

And, as for the sons of the foreigner - Who have joined themselves unto Yahweh To wait upon him, and To love the name of Yahweh, To become his for servants, - Every one who keepeth the sabbath, lest he profane it. And who, layeth firm hold on my covenant, Surely I will bring them into my holy mountain And make them joyful in my house of prayer, Their ascending-offerings and their sacrifices, being accepted upon mine altar, - For, my house, a house of prayer, shall be called, for all the peoples! Declareth My Lord, Yahweh, Who is gathering the outcasts of Israel: - Yet others, will I gather unto him Besides his own gathered ones.

Leviticus 19:9-10

And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly clear the border of thy field, in reaping, - nor shalt thou gather up the gleaning of thy harvest. And, thy vineyard, shalt thou not go over again, nor gather, every single grape: for the poor and for the sojourner, shalt thou leave them, I - Yahweh, am your God.

Leviticus 24:22

One rule, shall ye have, as the sojourner, so the home-born, shall be, - For, I - Yahweh, am your God.

Deuteronomy 26:12-15

When thou shalt make an end of tithing all the tithe of thine increase in the third year the year of tithing, - and shalt give unto the Levite unto the sojourner, unto the fatherless and unto the widow, and they shall eat within thy gates and be satisfied, then shalt thou say - before Yahweh thy God: - I have carefully removed that which was hallowed out of the house moreover also I have given it unto the Levite, and unto the sojourner unto the fatherless and unto the widow, according to all thy commandment which thou hast commanded me, - I have not transgressed any of thy commandments neither have I forgotten, I have not eaten in my sorrow therefrom neither have I removed therefrom when unclean, neither have I given thereof unto the dead, - I have hearkened unto the voice of Yahweh my God, I have done according to all which thou hast commanded more.
Look thou down out of thy holy habitation out of the heavens and bless thy people Israel, and the soil which thou hast given unto us, - as thou didst swear unto our fathers, a and flowing with milk and honey.

Genesis 18:18

when, Abraham, shall surely become, a great and mighty nation, - and all the nations of the earth, shall be blessed in him?

Galatians 3:8-9

And, the scripture, foreseeing, that, by faith, God would declare the nations righteous, fore-announced the good news unto Abraham, saying, All the nations shall be blessed in thee. So then, they who are of faith, are blessed with believing Abraham;

Psalm 22:27-28

All the ends of the earth, will remember and turn to Yahweh, Yea all the families of the nations, will bow themselves down before thee, For, to Yahweh, belongeth the kingdom, And One to Rule over the nations.

Psalm 86:9

All nations whom thou hast made, Shall come in and bow down before thee, O My Lord, That they may glorify thy Name.

Daniel 7:14

and, unto him, were given dominion and dignity and kingship, that all peoples, races and tongues, unto him, should do service, - his dominion, was an age-abiding dominion, which should not pass away, and, his kingdom, that which should not be destroyed.

Amos 9:11-12

In that day, will I raise up the pavilion of David, that is lying prostrate, - and wall up the breaches of them, and, his ruins, will I raise up, and will build it, as in the days of age-past times: That they on whom my name hath been called, may take possession, of the residue of Edom and of all the nations, Declareth Yahweh, who executeth this.

Isaiah 49:6

Yea he said - It is too small a thing, for being my Servant, That thou shouldest raise up the tribes of Jacob, And the preserved of Israel, shouldst restore, - So I will give thee to become a light of nations, That, my salvation, may reach as far as the end of the earth.

Isaiah 9:1-2

For there is no gloom to her who had been in anguish, In the former time, he brought into dishonour The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali, In the latter time, hath he brought into honour The Lake-way over the Jordan, Galilee of the nations. the people who were walking in darkness, Have seen a great light, - The dwellers in a land death-shadowed, A light, hath shined upon them.

Isaiah 60:1-3

Arise - shine, For thy light, hath come, - And, the glory of Yahweh, on thee, hath beamed; For lo! darkness, covereth the earth, And, deep gloom the peoples, - But, on thee, beameth Yahweh, And, his glory, on thee is seen. So shall nations come to thy light, And kings to the brightness of thy dawning.

Luke 2:30-32

Because mine eyes have seen thy salvation, Which thou hast prepared in face of all the peoples: A light for the unveiling of nations, and the glory of thy people Israel.

Matthew 12:18-21

Lo! my servant, whom I have chosen, My beloved, in whom, my soul, delighteth, - I will put my Spirit upon him, and, justice, unto the nations, will he report: He will not strive, nor will he cry out, nor shall any hear, in the broadways, his voice: A bruised cane, will he not break, and, a smoking wick, will he not quench, - until he urge on, justice, to victory,read more.
And, in his name, shall nations hope.

Isaiah 42:1-4

Lo! my Servant, I will uphold him, My chosen, well-pleased is my soul, - I have put my spirit upon him, Justice - to the nations, will he bring forth: He will not cry out nor will he speak loud, - Nor cause to be heard, in the street, his voice: Cane that is crushed, will he not break, And wick that is fading, will he not quench, - Faithfully, will he bring forth justice:read more.
He will not fade, nor will he be crushed, Until he establish, in the earth, justice, And for his instruction, Coastlands, wait.

Romans 9:22-25

And, if God - wishing to shew his anger and to make known his power - bare, in much patience, with vessels of anger already fitted for destruction, In order that he might make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which he prepared beforehand for glory, - Whom he also called, even us, not only from among Jews, but also from among the nations, what then?read more.
As also in Hosea he saith - I will call the not-my-people, My people, and the not-beloved, beloved,

Hosea 2:23

So will I sow her unto me in the land, and will have compassion upon the uncompassionated one, - and will say to him who was No-people-of-mine, My people, thou art, and, he, shall say, My God!

1 Peter 2:10

Who, at one time, were a No-people, but, now, are a people of God, - who had not been enjoying mercy, but, now, have received mercy.

Romans 15:9-12

And that, the nations, for mercy should glorify God: - even as it is written - For this cause, will I openly confess unto thee among nations, and, unto thy name, will strike the strings; And again he saith - Be glad ye nations with his people; And again, - Be giving praise all ye nations unto the Lord, and let all the peoples repeat his praise;read more.
And, again, Isaiah, saith - There shall be the root of Jesse, and he that ariseth to rule nations, - upon, him, shall nations hope.

Deuteronomy 32:43

Shout for joy O ye nations with his people, For the blood of his servants, he avengeth, - And, vengeance, he returneth unto his adversaries, And is propitious unto the soil of his people.

2 Samuel 22:50

For this cause, will I praise thee, O Yahweh, among the nations, - and, to thy name, will I touch the strings: -

Psalm 18:49

For this cause, will I praise thee among the nations, O Yahweh, and, to thy Name, will I sweep the strings: -

Isaiah 11:10

And there shall come to be, in that day, A root of Jesse, which shall be standing as an ensign of peoples, Unto him, shall nations seek, - And, his resting-place, shall be, glorious.