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16 Bible Verses about God's Counsel

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 73:24

You will guide me with your advice, and afterward you will take me [into] honor.

Psalm 119:24

Your testimonies [are] my delight, {my counselors}.

Jeremiah 32:19

great in counsel and great [in] deed, whose eyes [are] opened to all the ways of the children of humankind, to give to each one according to his ways and according to the fruit of his deeds,

2 Samuel 16:23

The counsel that Ahithophel gave in those days [was] regarded as when a man inquired of the word of God, so all the counsel of Ahithophel [was esteemed] both by David and by Absalom.

Psalm 107:11

because they rebelled against the words of God and spurned the counsel of the Most High,

Isaiah 30:2

Who go to go down [to] Egypt, but they do not ask [of] my mouth, to take refuge in the protection of Pharaoh and to take refuge in the shadow of Egypt.

Proverbs 1:25

You have ignored all my counsel, and my reproof you are not willing [to accept].

Proverbs 1:30

they were not willing [to accept] my counsel, they despised all my reproof.

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