32 Bible Verses about lonliness

Most Relevant Verses

Psalm 25:16

Turn thou unto me, and show me favour, for, alone and oppressed, I am.

Psalm 107:4

They wandered about in the desert - in a waste, Way to a city to dwell in, found they none;

Psalm 102:7

I have watched and am become, Like a bird sitting alone upon a housetop.

Psalm 25:15

Mine eyes, are continually unto Yahweh, - for, he, bringeth, out of the net, my feet.

Isaiah 54:4

Do not fear for thou shalt not turn pale, Neither feel disgraced for thou shalt not be put to the blush, - For, the shame of thy youth, shalt thou forget, And the reproach of thy widowhood, shalt thou remember no more;

Jeremiah 15:17

I sat not in the circle of mockers, Nor became I uproarious, - Because of thy hand, by myself did I sit, For with indignation, hadst thou filled me.

Psalm 22:20

Rescue, from the sword, my life, from the power of the dog, my solitary self:

Lamentations 1:1

How is seated alone, the city that abounded with people, hath become as a widow, - She who abounded among the nations was a princess among provinces, hath come under tribute.

Luke 9:12

And, the day, began to decline; and the twelve, coming near, said to him - Dismiss the multitude, that, going into the surrounding villages and hamlets, they may lodge, and find provisions; because, here, in a desert place, are we.

Jeremiah 48:6

Flee deliver your own lives, - Then shall the women be as a shrub in the desert.

Psalm 25:17

The distresses of my heart, hath he relieved, - and, out of my straits, brought me forth.

Mark 1:45

But, he, going forth, began to be proclaiming many things, and blazing abroad the story, so that, no longer, was it possible for him, openly, into a city, to enter, - but, outside, in desert places, was he, and they were coming unto him from every quarter.

1 Kings 18:22

Then said Elijah unto the people - I, am left, Yahweh's, only, prophet, - but, the prophets of Baal, are four hundred and fifty men.

Psalm 4:1

When I cry, answer me, O mine own righteous God, In a strait place, thou hast made room for me, Show me favour, and hear my prayer.

Mark 6:35

And, already, a late hour, having arrived, his disciples came unto him and were saying, A desert, is the place, and it is, already, a late hour:

Job 30:29

A brother, became I to the brutes that howl, and a companion to the birds that screech:

Genesis 2:20

So the man gave names to all the tame-beasts, and to the birds of the heavens, and to all the wild-beasts of the field, - but, for man, had there not been found a helper as his counterpart.

Lamentations 1:22

Let all their wickedness, come in, before thee, and deal thou severely with them, according as thou hast dealt severely with me, for all my transgressions; for many are my sighs, and, my heart, is sick.

Lamentations 3:19

Remember my humiliation and my fleeings, the wormwood and poison;

Mark 6:32

And they departed, in the boat, into a desert place, apart.

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