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Theasaurus: Space

39 Bible Verses about space

Most Relevant Verses

Revelation 8:1

When He opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour.

Revelation 17:10

They are also seven kings: Five have fallen, one is, the other has not yet come, and when he comes, he must remain for a little while.

Genesis 26:22

He moved from there and dug another, and they did not quarrel over it. He named it Open Spaces and said, “For now the Lord has made room for us, and we will be fruitful in the land.”

Leviticus 26:10

You will eat the old grain of the previous year and will clear out the old to make room for the new.

Joshua 3:4

But keep a distance of about 1,000 yards between yourselves and the ark. Don’t go near it, so that you can see the way to go, for you haven’t traveled this way before.”

Genesis 1:7

So God made the expanse and separated the water under the expanse from the water above the expanse. And it was so.

Psalm 80:9

You cleared a place for it;
it took root and filled the land.

Isaiah 54:2

“Enlarge the site of your tent,
and let your tent curtains be stretched out;
do not hold back;
lengthen your ropes,
and drive your pegs deep.

John 21:25

And there are also many other things that Jesus did, which, if they were written one by one, I suppose not even the world itself could contain the books that would be written.

Ezra 9:8

But now, for a brief moment, grace has come from Yahweh our God to preserve a remnant for us and give us a stake in His holy place. Even in our slavery, God has given us new life and light to our eyes.

Revelation 2:21

I gave her time to repent, but she does not want to repent of her sexual immorality.

Acts 19:10

And this went on for two years, so that all the inhabitants of Asia, both Jews and Greeks, heard the message about the Lord.

2 Kings 4:10

so let’s make a small room upstairs and put a bed, a table, a chair, and a lamp there for him. Whenever he comes, he can stay there.”

Genesis 1:6

Then God said, “Let there be an expanse between the waters, separating water from water.”

Psalm 31:8

and have not handed me over to the enemy.
You have set my feet in a spacious place.

Genesis 24:31

Laban said, “Come, you who are blessed by the Lord. Why are you standing out here? I have prepared the house and a place for the camels.”

Psalm 18:19

He brought me out to a spacious place;
He rescued me because He delighted in me.

Luke 22:12

Then he will show you a large, furnished room upstairs. Make the preparations there.”

Ezekiel 48:17

The city’s open space will extend:425 feet to the north,
425 feet to the south,
425 feet to the east,
and 425 feet to the west.

Acts 5:7

There was an interval of about three hours; then his wife came in, not knowing what had happened.

Acts 15:33

After spending some time there, they were sent back in peace by the brothers to those who had sent them.

2 Kings 6:1

The sons of the prophets said to Elisha, “Please notice that the place where we live under your supervision is too small for us.

Luke 13:7

He told the vineyard worker, ‘Listen, for three years I have come looking for fruit on this fig tree and haven’t found any. Cut it down! Why should it even waste the soil?’

Isaiah 49:20

Yet as you listen, the children
that you have been deprived of will say,
‘This place is too small for me;
make room for me so that I may settle.’

Matthew 12:44

Then it says, ‘I’ll go back to my house that I came from.’ And returning, it finds the house vacant, swept, and put in order.

Ezekiel 45:2

In this area there will be a square section for the sanctuary, 875 by 875 feet, with 87½ feet of open space all around it.

Proverbs 18:16

A gift opens doors for a man
and brings him before the great.

Leviticus 25:8

“You are to count seven sabbatical years, seven times seven years, so that the time period of the seven sabbatical years amounts to 49.

Genesis 29:14

Laban said to him, “Yes, you are my own flesh and blood.”After Jacob had stayed with him a month,

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