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'Camped' in the Bible

"Then the Tent of Meeting is to travel with the camp of the descendants of Levi in the middle of the camps. They are to travel just as they have camped, each as designated under his standard."

The Israelites did everything the Lord commanded Moses; they camped by their banners in this way and moved out the same way, each man by his clan and by his ancestral house.

The Gershonite clans camped behind the tabernacle on the west side,

The clans of the Kohathites camped on the south side of the tabernacle,

The leader of the family of the Merarite clans was Zuriel son of Abihail; they camped on the north side of the tabernacle.

Moses, Aaron, and his sons, who performed the duties of the sanctuary as a service on behalf of the Israelites, camped in front of the tabernacle on the east, in front of the tent of meeting toward the sunrise. Any unauthorized person who came near [it] was to be put to death.

Whenever the cloud was lifted up above the tent, the Israelites would set out; at the place where the cloud stopped, there the Israelites camped.

At the Lord's command the Israelites set out, and at the Lord's command they camped. As long as the cloud stayed over the tabernacle, they camped.

There were times when the cloud remained over the tent for a number of days. They camped in accordance with the LORD's instructions and they traveled in accordance with the LORD'S instructions.

Whether it was two days, a month, or longer, the Israelites camped and did not set out as long as the cloud stayed over the tabernacle. But when it was lifted, they set out.

They camped at the Lord's command, and they set out at the Lord's command. They carried out the Lord's requirement according to His command through Moses.

Later, the people left Kibroth-hattaavah for Hazeroth and camped there.

After that, the people set out from Hazeroth and camped in the Wilderness of Paran.

They set out from Oboth and camped at Iye-abarim in the wilderness that borders Moab on the east.

From there they went and camped at Zered Valley.

They set out from there and camped on the other side of the Arnon [River], in the wilderness that extends from the Amorite border, because the Arnon was the Moabite border between Moab and the Amorites.

The Israelites traveled on and camped in the plains of Moab near the Jordan across from Jericho.

When Balaam lifted up his eyes, he saw Israel camped tribe by tribe; and the Spirit of God came upon him.

The Israelites departed from Rameses and camped at Succoth.

They departed from Succoth and camped at Etham, which is on the edge of the wilderness.

They departed from Etham and turned back to Pi-hahiroth, which faces Baal-zephon, and they camped before Migdol.

They departed from Pi-hahiroth and crossed through the middle of the sea into the wilderness. They took a three-day journey into the Wilderness of Etham and camped at Marah.

They departed from Marah and came to Elim. There were 12 springs of water and 70 date palms at Elim, so they camped there.

They departed from Elim and camped by the Red Sea.

They departed from the Red Sea and camped in the Wilderness of Sin.

They departed from the Wilderness of Sin and camped in Dophkah.

They departed from Dophkah and camped at Alush.

They departed from Alush and camped at Rephidim, where there was no water for the people to drink.

They departed from Rephidim and camped in the Wilderness of Sinai.

They departed from the Wilderness of Sinai and camped at Kibroth-hattaavah.

They departed from Kibroth-hattaavah and camped at Hazeroth.

They departed from Hazeroth and camped at Rithmah.

They departed from Rithmah and camped at Rimmon-perez.

They departed from Rimmon-perez and camped at Libnah.

They departed from Libnah and camped at Rissah.

They departed from Rissah and camped at Kehelathah.

They departed from Kehelathah and camped at Mount Shepher.

They departed from Mount Shepher and camped at Haradah.

They departed from Haradah and camped at Makheloth.

They departed from Makheloth and camped at Tahath.

They departed from Tahath and camped at Terah.

They departed from Terah and camped at Mithkah.

They departed from Mithkah and camped at Hashmonah.

They departed from Hashmonah and camped at Moseroth.

They departed from Moseroth and camped at Bene-jaakan.

They departed from Bene-jaakan and camped at Hor-haggidgad.

They departed from Hor-haggidgad and camped at Jotbathah.

They departed from Jotbathah and camped at Abronah.

They departed from Abronah and camped at Ezion-geber.

They departed from Ezion-geber and camped in the Wilderness of Zin (that is, Kadesh).

They departed from Kadesh and camped at Mount Hor on the edge of the land of Edom.

They departed from Mount Hor and camped at Zalmonah.

They departed from Zalmonah and camped at Punon.

They departed from Punon and camped at Oboth.

They departed from Oboth and camped at Iye-abarim on the border of Moab.

They departed from Iyim and camped at Dibon-gad.

They departed from Dibon-gad and camped at Almon-diblathaim.

They departed from Almon-diblathaim and camped in the Abarim [range] facing Nebo.

They departed from the Abarim [range] and camped on the plains of Moab by the Jordan [across from] Jericho.

They camped by the Jordan from Beth-jeshimoth to Acacia Meadows on the plains of Moab.

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