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""You are not to desire your neighbor's wife nor crave your neighbor's house, his fields, his male and female servants, his ox, his donkey, nor anything that pertains to your neighbor.'"

“When the Lord your God extends your territory, as He promised you, and you say, ‘I will eat meat,’ because you want to eat meat, then you may eat meat, whatever you wish.

And he commanded Judah to seek the Lord God of their fathers [to inquire of and for Him and seek Him as a vital necessity], and to observe the law [given to Moses] and the commandment.

Seek and deeply long for the Lord and His strength [His power, His might];Seek and deeply long for His face and His presence continually.

Blessed and favored by God are those who keep His testimonies,And who [consistently] seek Him and long for Him with all their heart.

From the fruit of his words a man receives benefit, but the treacherous crave violence.

All day long he continues to crave, while the righteous person gives without holding back.

“They struck me, but I was not hurt!They beat me, but I did not feel it!When will I wake up?I will seek more wine.”

Evil men do not understand justice,But they who long for and seek the Lord understand it fully.

It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine, or for rulers to crave strong drink,

It is better to be content with what the eyes can see than for one's heart always to crave more. This continual longing is futile -- like chasing the wind.

How sad for me!For I am like one who—when the summer fruit has been gatheredafter the gleaning of the grape harvest—finds no grape cluster to eat,no early fig, which I crave.

Not that I crave for gifts from you, but I do want to see abundant fruit bring you honour.

But those who [are not financially ethical and] crave to get rich [with a compulsive, greedy longing for wealth] fall into temptation and a trap and into many foolish and harmful desires that plunge people into ruin and destruction [leading to personal misery].

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