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'Hem' in the Bible

And you will make on its hem pomegranates of blue and purple and crimson [yarns] on its hem all around and bells of gold in the midst of them all around,

a gold bell and a pomegranate, a gold bell and a pomegranate, on the hem of the robe all around.

And they made on the hem of the robe pomegranates of finely twisted blue and purple and crimson.

And they made pure gold bells and put the bells in the midst of the pomegranates on the hem of the robe all around in the midst of the pomegranates,

a bell and a pomegranate, a bell and a pomegranate on the hem of the robe all around for serving, as Yahweh had commanded Moses.

"Speak to the {Israelites}, and tell them to make for themselves tassels on the hems of their garments throughout their generations and to put a blue cord on the tassel of the hem.

As Samuel turned around to go, he caught hold of the hem of his robe, and it tore.

And David's men said to him, "Look, today [is] the day about which Yahweh said to you, 'See, I am giving your enemy into your hand, and you can do to him {whatever seems good to you}.'" So David got up and secretly cut the hem of Saul's robe.

{And then} afterward David {felt guilty}, because he had cut {the hem of Saul's robe}.

Now, my father, see, yes, see, the hem of your robe in my hand! For {when I cut} the hem of your robe I did not kill you. Know and {realize} that there is no evil or rebellion in my hand. I did not sin against you, but you [are] hunting down my life to take it.

And you must take from these a few in number, and you must tuck them in your hem.

" 'And I passed by you, and I saw you, and look, {your time of lovemaking had come}, and [so] I spread out my hem over you, and I covered your nakedness, and I swore to you, and I entered into a covenant with you,' {declares} the Lord Yahweh, 'and {you became mine}.

If a man carries consecrated meat in the hem of his garment, and his hem touches bread, or stew, or wine, or olive oil, or any kind of food, will it become holy?'" The priests answered, "No."

Thus says Yahweh of hosts: 'In those days ten men from {all the nations of every language} will take hold of the hem of a Judean man, saying, "Let us go with you, for we have heard [that] God [is] with you!" '"

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רושׁ ראשׁ 
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