1 As for you, my son, strenuously acquit yourself of the charge you have receiv'd from Christ Jesus. 2 and what you heard me deliver in the presence of many, intrust to such persons of integrity as are qualified to instruct others
3 bravely endure hardships, like a soldier of Jesus Christ. 4 he that enters into the service, disengages himself from civil affairs, that he may be acceptable to his officer. 5 a combatant does not receive the crown, unless he has observ'd the laws of the games. 6 the labourer must work before he can obtain his reward. 7 consider what I say, and the Lord will give you understanding in all things.
8 Remember that Jesus Christ, who is of the posterity of David, is raised from the dead, according to my gospel, 9 for which I suffer even the chains of a malefactor: but the word of God is not so confin'd. 10 I therefore bear with every thing for the sake of the converts, that they may obtain that salvation, which Jesus Christ has procur'd us, even eternal glory. 11 it is an undoubted truth, that if we die for him, we shall live with him: 12 if we suffer, we shall also reign: if we renounce him, 13 he will renounce us likewise: tho' we are diffident, he is still faithful, and will not retract his word.
14 These things represent, conjuring them by the presence of the Lord, to avoid disputes about words, which only serve to pervert the audience. 15 endeavour to approve yourself to God, as an artist that is not afraid of reproach, by rightly explaining the word of truth. 16 discountenance such as hold vain irreligious discourse; for they will grow bold in impiety, 17 and their doctrine will spread like the gangrene. Hymeneus and Philetus are such: 18 they have deserted the faith themselves, and debauch'd the faith of others, by maintaining, "the resurrection is already past." 19 however, the foundation of the divine architect is still immoveable, having this inscription, " the Lord discerns who are his." and, " let every one that invokes the name of the Lord, depart from iniquity."
20 in a palace there are vessels not only of gold, and of silver, but of wood and of earth likewise: some are for honourable uses, and others for meaner purposes. 21 he that is clear of vice, is a vessel of the first kind, sanctified and fit for the master's use, and qualified for every virtuous action.
22 Avoid the passions of youth. pursue justice, fidelity, benevolence and concord with all sincere christians. 23 decline all impertinent barren disputes, since they only serve for contention. 24 a christian must not be litigious, but easy to all men, qualify'd to instruct, 25 with great temper and meekness informing those, who differ in opinion; because he does not know, but God may change their minds, by convincing them of the truth. 26 and so they may rouze out of the snare of the devil, who leads them captive at his discretion.