1 This disturbance being over, Paul sent for the disciples, took his leave and departed for Macedonia. 2 after having visited the faithful in those parts, and given them many exhortations, he went to Greece. 3 there he stay'd three months; and then the Jews conspiring to surprize him at his embarkation for Syria, it was thought adviseable he should return thro' Macedonia. Sopater of Berea, 4 Aristarchus and Secundus of Thessalonica, Gaius of Derby and Timothy, Tychicus and Trophimus both Asiatics, all accompanied him to Asia, 5 and then advanc'd before and waited for us at Troas. 6 after the feast of unleaven'd bread we sail'd from Philippi, and in five days we join'd them at Troas, where we stay'd seven.
7 on the first day of the week we assembled to break bread, when Paul, who was to depart on the morrow, gave them a sermon, which lasted till midnight. 8 in the upper chamber where we were assembled, several lamps were burning: 9 and as Paul continued his discourse a great while, a young man, named Eutychus, who was sitting in the window, was seiz'd with a deep sleep, which quite o'er-came him; so that he fell down from the third story, and was taken up dead. 10 so Paul went down, and stooping over him, he embraced him, and said, don't trouble your selves; for his life is in him. 11 then Paul went up again, and having broken bread and eaten, he reassumed his discourse till break of day, and then departed. 12 but the young man was brought in alive and well, to the joy of the whole assembly. As for us, we embark'd, and sail'd to Assos,
13 where by appointment Paul was to be taken aboard, designing himself to go thither by land. 14 meeting with him at Assos, we took him in and arriv'd at Mitylene: 15 from thence we bore away: the next day we came off Chios, and the day after we pass'd by Samos, landing at Trogyllium, and arrived at Miletus the next day. 16 for Paul had determined not to go ashore at Ephesus, to avoid losing time in Asia: because he was eager to get to Jerusalem, if possible, by the day of pentecost.
17 At Miletus he sent a message to the pastors of the church at Ephesus, to come to him: 18 and when they were arriv'd he told them, you know how I have always behav'd towards you from the first day of my arrival in Asia: 19 how I have serv'd the Lord with all resignation, with tears, and trials occasion'd by the insidious practices of the Jews: 20 that I have conceal'd nothing that might be useful to you, but have inform'd you of it, and instructed you therein, both in publick and in private: 21 remonstrating both to Jews and Gentiles the advantages of a sincere repentance, and of believing
22 in our Lord Jesus Christ. but now I am fix'd in my resolution to go to Jerusalem, without any apprehension of what may befal me there: 23 save what the holy spirit in every city declares, "that bonds and afflictions wait for me." 24 things that little affect me, nor is life so much my concern, as to finish my course, and the charge I receiv'd from the Lord Jesus, to attest the declaration of the divine favour.
25 and now I am persuaded you will none of you see my face any more: whilst I have been among you, I have proclaim'd the kingdom of the Messias: 26 I therefore declare to you at this present time, that I am not responsible for the ruin of any: 27 for I have acquainted you with the whole dispensation of God without reserve. 28 be therefore upon your guard to secure your selves, and the whole flock over which the holy spirit has made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he has purchased with his own blood. 29 for I know when I am gone, you will be oppress'd by wolves, that will not spare the flock. 30 nay, among your own body some will start up to vent their intricate conceits, and draw a number of followers. 31 be then upon the watch, and remember, that for three years I have not ceased by night, or by day to warn every soul of you, even with tears.
32 and now, my brethren, I recommend you to God, and to his gracious dispensation, which is able to improve you, and secure to you the inheritance with those who are sanctify'd. 33 I have not desir'd to get from any one either silver, or gold, or apparel. 34 you yourselves can witness, that what was necessary for myself and those who were with me, these very hands have supply'd. 35 my constant example has shown you that the disabled should be assisted by your labours, remembring the words of the Lord Jesus, who said, "it is a greater happiness to give than to receive."
36 After this discourse, he kneeled down, and prayed with them all. 37 then melted into tears, they fell upon his neck and kissed him, 38 being more particularly afflicted at his having said, "they should see his face no more." and then they conducted him to the ship.